Boaster Jokes & TROLLS ScreaM! | VCT Masters Press Conference



After just over four months since the end of the inaugural Valorant Champions tournament, we’re heading straight back to Iceland for the 2022 VCT Stage 1 Masters: Reykjavik.

Reminiscent of last year, FNATIC in-game leader Jake ‘Boaster’ Howlett is back in the VCT press conference room with funny jokes to troll his opponents such as Team Liquid’s ScreaM, OpTic yay, and Keznit from KRU Esports.

Last year FNATIC fell just short of lifting the Masters: Reykjavik trophy after falling to Sentinels, who at the time were considered the best team in the world. Now, the European organization is back for vengeance. However, ScreaM and yay both believe their teams have a good chance of winning the first international tournament of the year.

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After shocking the world at Valorant Champions, KRU Esports will also look to upset a few teams once again. But will they be able to do it once again?

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