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5 Best Apex Legends players who have switched to Valorant

Published: 11/Feb/2021 8:00 Updated: 12/Feb/2021 1:13

by Andrew Amos


Apex Legends has born some great FPS legends. However, some of the biggest names in Respawn’s battle royale have moved over to Valorant. Not sure if your favorite has made the jump? We’ve got a list of the best Apex Legends pros to start playing Valorant.

Apex Legends and Valorant seemingly don’t have too much in common. One is a battle royale, the other is a tactical FPS. Squads of three vs teams of five. However, when you get down into it, the skills between the two games translate very nicely.

Good aim, after all, is a genetic blessing for some. The high-pressure situations of battle royales can also help you withstand the intense moments of tactical FPSes like Valorant. The shared skillset has made the jump for Apex Legends pros a breeze.


If you’re wondering where your favorite Apex Legends player went, they might have made the swap to Valorant. Here’s the five top Apex pros who have.

Jared ‘zombs’ Gitlin ⁠— Sentinels

Zombs playing Apex Legends for Sentinels
Zombs has made a name for himself on Sentinels, both in Valorant and Apex Legends.

Zombs is the big name when it comes to Apex Legends players now in Valorant. The former Sentinels star in Apex Legends slid in perfectly to the organization’s mixed-game Valorant squad.

Now, zombs’ Valorant career has arguably trumped his time in Apex Legends. His Omen is one of the best in North America, and Sentinels’ results reflect that ⁠— currently on top of VCT NA 2021, two Ignition Series titles under their belt, and a 3-4th finish at First Strike.


Coby ‘Dizzy’ Meadows

Twitter: Apex Legends
Dizzy is arguably the best Apex player of all time. Now, he’s a Valorant streamer.

He was once the King of Kings Canyon. Now, he’s conquering Future Earth. Dizzy retired from competitive Apex Legends at the tail end of 2019, and he’s been grinding Valorant ever since.

While he hasn’t landed on a team yet ⁠— and took a six-month hiatus in 2020 ⁠— he’s back in 2021 and showing why he was one of the best to ever touch Apex Legends. His aim is clean, and it’s translated well into Valorant. He’d slot into any top NA team nicely, but for now, he’s content with just streaming when it suits him.

Mac ‘Albralelie’ Beckwith

Albralelie playing for TSM in Apex Legends
Turtle Entertainment
Albralelie is splitting time between Valorant and Apex Legends on stream.

Albralelie is in the same boat as Dizzy. The TSM Apex Legends star is on the Valorant grind ⁠— at least as a content creator, but would definitely have the skills to go pro if he wanted.


While he hasn’t given up Apex Legends entirely, flexing between that and Valorant primarily on his stream, he’s proven to be no pushover on the Reyna or any of the other duelists. He’s not quite ready to give up Apex entirely yet though.

Kurtis ‘Kurt’ Gallo ⁠— Time In

Kurt playing Apex Legends for T1
YouTube: Intel
Kurt is grinding out Valorant alongside Ninja on Time In.

Kurt might not have been the biggest name in Apex Legends, but he’s playing with the big names in Valorant. He’s slotted in nicely onto Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins’ Time In squad, and is slowly making a name for himself in Tier 2 NA Valorant.

His Jett is stunning, and while some of his former T1 Apex Legends teammates failed to make the swap, Kurt is standing the test of time for now.


Danila ‘Sunset’ Soloviov ⁠— Gambit Esports

Sunset didn’t find much success as an Apex Legends pro for Gambit Esports, but he’s taking CIS by storm in Valorant. His Gambit Esports came 3-4th in First Strike, and his Omen is nothing to scoff at.

He’s looking at moving into wider Europe, reportedly signing with Excel Esports alongside former G2 Esports star David ‘DavidP’ Prins. If he does, Sunset has the chance to potentially make a household name for himself in Valorant, instead of just being a CIS wonderkid.