Benkai makes sandwiches for fellow players at Valorant Champions press conference

Benkai at Valorant Masters walking into the stadium with a mask ownColin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

Paper Rex IGL Benedict ‘Benkai’ Tan represented his team at a pre-event press conference for Valorant Champions and made sandwiches for his fellow participants and himself while fielding questions from the press.

Benkai is known for his antics at international Valorant events. Whether its walking out to the stage during team introductions in a costume, or pretending to not speak English in a press conference, the Singaporean player is always committed to a bit.

For this press conference, Benkai decided to make the fellow attendees sandwiches while taking questions from the media. He said that he brought along tomato, basil, pesto and truffle mayonnaise to add to his creations.

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He pulled out a knife and all of his ingredients as the press conference began and put it all away after making a meal for the three other players taking questions.

“I’d appreciate it if everybody starts asking their questions a bit slower because I don’t have enough time [to make them]. I’ve only made one for [Jake ‘Boaster’ Howlett] so far,” Benkai said when asked about the sandwich making.

The other participants at the press conference got in on the joke by asking the Paper Rex player if he was planning to poison them before the tournament.

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“Benkai this sandwich is actually very good,” OpTic Gaming’s Jaccob ‘yay’ Whiteaker said at one point in the press conference.

Benkai makes a sandwich at Valorant Champions pre-event press conferenceRiot Games
Another in a long list of Benkai bits.

The Paper Rex IGL answered questions without fail for the entire time. He was asked about the team’s mentality going into Champions after a second place finish at Masters 2 and his thoughts on potential opponents at the event.

“I think anything can happen between these events and we’re coming into this event with the same mentality that we always had, which is just not expecting to win,” Benkai said while putting lettuce and tomato on a sandwich.

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“We’re just gonna see how far that mentality is gonna take us, because the last time we had that mentality, we took us to the Grand Finals.”