Astra players left trapped forever due to new game-breaking Valorant bug

Brad Norton
Valorant Astra gameplay
Riot Games

Valorant’s newest Agent has only just arrived yet budding Astra mains are already uncovering key issues, including this game-breaking bug which could potentially cost you the game.

After weeks of in-game teasers, Riot finally lifted the veil on Astra, Valorant’s 15th character. The new Controller-type Agent comes with a kit that’s unlike anything we’ve seen in Valorant thus far.

While early playtests had popular names like Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek concerned about her power, Riot already confirmed changes were in the works before she made it to the live servers. However, it turns out her power isn’t the only thing that needs changing.

With Astra now available for anyone to use, players have quickly uncovered a game-breaking issue. When entering her Astral Form, there’s a chance you’re never able to return.

Early into a game on Ascent, Twitch streamer ‘lexeratv’ was struck by the devastating new bug. “I’m stuck,” they said upon entering Astral Form. They were left floating in Astra’s ability, completely unable to back out.

They were unable to move the Agent, change direction, use abilities, or anything in between. For the remainder of the round, they were left completely defenseless.

When Astra is in her Astral Form to place Stars around the map, she becomes an easy target. Similar to Omen placing his smokes, Astra lowers her weapon and enters a different form. During this window, enemies can push forward and secure an easy kill.

There’s no telling what caused this particular ‘freezing’ issue, though it cost them their life. The opposing Astra was handed a free kill while Lexera were stuck out in the open. If it wasn’t for some sharp teammates, it would have been a lost round in the books.

Valorant Astra
Riot Games
Astra’s game-breaking bug appears to be completely random and could strike at any time.

Riot is yet to respond to the game-breaking bug at the time of writing. This means it could strike at any time, on any map, and seemingly in any mode. You’ll have be cautious of where you’re standing every time you look to enter Astral Form in the near future.

In the meantime, if you’re not too worried about the bug, be sure to brush up on Astra’s full potential with our in-depth Agent guide