ANGE1 NaVi jersey teased in Valorant partnership video

ANGEL NaVi jerseynatusvincere | Twitter/Starladder

While FPX didn’t make it into the Valorant partnership program, their team went far in Valorant Champions 2022. CSGO veteran and Valorant player ANGE1’s name was spotted on a NaVi jersey in a video promoting their partnership.

With Valorant’s partnership program breaking up some of the best teams across the world, free agents are a hot commodity. NaVi made a video announcing that they secured EMEA partnership, and a conveniently placed jersey in the video teased a pickup for the team: Kyrylo ‘ANGE1‘ Karasov.

While ANGE1 is still signed with FPX, he’s open to exploring offers from other teams. His moving to NaVi following their Valorant partnership would be no surprise.

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ANGE1 signing with Na’Vi teased in announcement video

FunPlus Phoenix was one of the best EMEA teams in Valorant Challengers. They managed to get all the way to the lower bracket Semifinals where they lost to DRX. This fourth-place finish made them the top finishing EMEA team at the international event.

What’s more, ANGE1 was at the helm of this team and is one of the biggest names on the roster.

His Counter-Strike career lasted over a decade before retiring from CS and coming to Valorant. This 33-year-old veteran gained his fair share of fans through CS, many of which have continued to support him through his pro Valorant journey.

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A redditor spotted ANGE1’s name on a NaVi jersey in the Na’Vi partnership announcement, sparking speculation that he’d be on the team in 2023.

Considering the fact that NaVi went out of their way to make this jersey and place it in their video, fans are assuming this was no accident from the org.

Excitement has followed from EMEA Valorant fans. With ANGE1 being the only member from the FPX squad to be teased, fans of FPX are anxiously awaiting to more news on whether or not NaVi has decided to sign ANGE1 or any of his teammates on FunPlus Phoenix.

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With how far FPX made it at Valorant Challengers, Na’Vi grabbing members from that roster would make them a force to be reckoned with in 2023.