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Andrea Botez quits Valorant after being mocked by toxic teammates

Published: 29/Sep/2020 11:55

by Andy Williams


Twitch star Andrea Botez was left gobsmacked by her “toxic” Valorant teammates, after they raged when she failed to clutch the opening round of a match.

The Botez sisters have exploded in popularity on Twitch, following the meteoric rise of chess on the Amazon-owned streaming platform. While the pair are handy with a pawn in-hand, they often dabble in other games for their loyal audience.

One such game is Valorant. It’s easy to see the appeal from a chess player’s standpoint — a tactical battle to gain control of the map to give yourself an advantage. But, as Andrea was to find out, not all players are friendly in Valorant.


During her September 28 livestream, Andrea hopped on Valorant after attempting to speedrun Minecraft. Bored of her escapades in Mojang’s pixelated realm, the 18-year-old turned her attention to Riot’s Future Earth.

Viper holding the spike in Valorant
Riot Games
Valorant is a game of wits and mechanical skill.

But before even completing her first round, Botez was to be on the receiving end of some toxic slander… And from her teammates, no less.

“Press R, idiot,” one teammate began, as they were prompting Andrea to reload. Another chimed in shouting “you’re a r**ard,” after the streamer lost the round.

“What the f**k is wrong with people?!” Botez exclaimed while trying to leave the game. Another teammate pitched in asking if she “had a knife next to her” just before Andrea was forced to exit to desktop in a bid to escape the toxicity in-game.


“Those guys were the most toxic nine-year-olds I’ve ever seen. What the hell, their parents need to train them some manners,” Andrea explained after quitting the game.

Shortly after, the chess aficionado relaunched Valorant and finished off the game, to ensure that the toxic players didn’t get one-up on her. But, as you’d expect, Botez was forced to mute her teammates, to avoid any further toxicity.

This comes as Riot have recently confirmed that they’re looking to rethink their strategy on how they deal with toxic players and their relative punishment in-game.