All Valorant interactives on new Fracture map

Riot Games

Valorant’s lore continues to flourish, with Riot adding more to the story with the release of the seventh map ‘Fracture’ with Episode 3 Act 2, and this time its interactable objects scattered across the map.

The release of Episode 3 Act 2 on September 8 will be bringing the seventh map to Valorant, known as ‘Fracture,’ which will play a huge part in advancing the game’s lore.

Fracture is the first Valorant map set in the U.S, with its real-life counterpart being the Diablo Canyon Recreation Area in New Mexico, and scattered across the map are interactable objects, which will slowly reveal more about the game’s story, updating with every new patch.

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While other Valorant maps of course have some lore behind them, Fracture has taken things a step further for Riot’s effort with expanding on the story, with the addition of new interactable lore-driven objects throughout the map.

According to David Nottingham, Creative Director working on Valorant, the story-based interactives will be updated on a per patch basis.

Where to find Valorant Fracture interactives

All three current interactives on Fracture.

So far, three Fracture interactives have been found throughout the map, but they’re only accessible during the buy phase. The first two can be found in the defenders spawn on either side of the reactor. Both interactives look to be emails between Oran McEneff, Ruben Pontes, and K-SEC.

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The first one is from K-SEC to Oran McEneff, welcoming him to the facility which is called ‘Everrett-Linde’, and the second one being from Oran McEneff to Ruben Pontes, discussing his concerns with the Radianite Collider.

The last interactive can be found on the opposite side of the attack spawn next to what’s known as ‘A Gate’ on the map. You will see a black orb glowing, which is where you’ll find a security clearance card belonging to Paul Delmann, an employee of Kindom.

  1. Email from K-SEC to Oran McEneff – Right side of the reactor.
  2. Email from Oran McEneff to Ruben Pontes – Left side of the reactor.
  3. Paul Delmann security card – On top of rock next to ‘A Gate’.
Riot Games
You can find the interactives in these locations on the map.

In a developer Q&A, Joe Lansford, Level Designer for Riot said: “We’re interested in ways we can bring narrative and lore into the game world without disrupting the gameplay at all and this is where we landed. There isn’t an official name, or if we have one I don’t know about it. I’ve just been calling them the interactives or the memos.”

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Besides playing a big role in the story, Fracture is unlike any other map, with attackers able to spawn on either side of the map, with defenders spawning right in the center, which will be interesting to see how it plays out in professional play.