Aceu explains why he “can’t stand” Valorant’s ranked system

Aceu Valorant RankedNRG / Riot Games

Popular Twitch streamer Brandon ‘Aceu’ Winn has explained why he “can’t stand” the Valorant ranked system, which is making it hard for him to enjoy the game at all.

Once one of the top Apex Legends players, Aceu has made a name for himself as a streamer of some of the most popular FPS games, regularly competing across various titles.

Since the launch of Valorant, though, that game has been his main focus, and he has clearly been enjoying it more than any other of late.

Killjoy Valorant agentRiot Games
Act 2 brought a number of changes to Valorant casual and ranked play, including the introduction of Agent Killjoy.

That said, he’s also taken issue with a certain aspect of Riot Games’ debut FPS: the ranked mode.

While casual play is always important, a good ranked mode can greatly improve a game’s viability as an esport, as well as provide competitive players somewhere to hone their skills and prove that they’re among the very best.

So, while the inclusion of a ranked mode is good, Aceu isn’t entirely impressed with the execution, as he has explained during a broadcast.

“Ranked games are a shambles”

“It’s so stupid that ranked games are a shambles,” he said, “just because ranks are so inflated by people who should not be at the rank. They simply are because of 5-stacking. It’s so stupid.”

Winn went on to say that he “can’t stand it” and that, although he wants to “play this game and have a good time,” the ranked system is making it much harder.

Aceu isn’t the only one that doesn’t think Valorant’s ranked system is up to par, though. Back in June, Shroud said that he believes the system will “never be good,” while, in the game’s early days, Myth simply said that it’s ranked system is “dumb”.

Of course, being able to stack ranked matches with your friends is one of the highlights of most games, but Aceu’s frustration is understandable, if it is, in fact, amplifying players to ranks higher than they perhaps should be.

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