21-year-old Valorant player stabs sister to death for “flirting with boyfriend”

A 21-year-old woman is facing first-degree murder charges after stabbing her younger sister for allegedly flirting with her boyfriend while playing Valorant.

Fatiha Marzan, a 21-year-old woman from Orlando, Florida, has admitted to the stabbing of their sibling.

According to a report from Orlando Sentinel, Fatiha’s sister Sayma played Valorant with the former’s boyfriend, messaging him using the in-game chat.

But the older sister was not comfortable with the relationship forming between the two. After learning that her boyfriend had told her younger sister that he loved her, Fatiha purchased a set of dagger-style knives from Amazon.

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Florida woman admits to killing her sister with knife

Fatiha reportedly hid the knives in a closet. On September 26, she waited until the family fell asleep before stabbing a 20-year-old Sayma “three to four times in the heart” at 4:30 am in the bedroom they shared.

Marzan then called the police at around 7:30 pm — 15 hours later — to report the crime, telling dispatchers that she believed the sister was dead after knifing her.

21-year-old Fatiha Marzan is being charged with first-degree murder after killing her 20-year-old sister.

According to the arrest report, witnesses stated that Fatiha didn’t believe her younger sister’s relationship with her boyfriend was appropriate.

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“Fatiha knew she had to wait until her family was asleep to stab Sayma because she did not want anyone to hear the incident,” the affidavit details. “Fatiha consciously decided to kill her sister, Sayma, and the decision was present in her mind at the time of the killing.”

She is currently being held without bond at Orange County Jail and faces a first-degree murder charge, following her admission to officers.

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