100T Cryo explains Gekko’s biggest strengths after win against EG

100T cryocellsColin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

100 Thieves earned a rare win running Valorant’s newest Agent, Gekko, against Evil Geniuses and Matthew ‘Cryocells’ Panganiban explained in a post-match interview how great the agent is on attack.

Gekko has been out for over a month now and pro teams have taken him into official matches with mixed success so far. Gekko has been picked a total of three times in VCT Americas competition, and he only has one win to his name.

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That sole win was when the Agent was in the hands of Peter ‘Asuna‘ Mazuryk for 100 Thieves against Evil Geniuses on Haven. With him being the only one to have won this Agent so far, fans were curious about what it takes to make Gekko work in a high-level environment.

In a post-match interview, his teammate Cryocells explained why they picked Gekko and what went right for the team.

Cryo explains how 100T got Gekko’s first win in VCT Americas

Cryo said that 100T used the Agent most effectively on set rushes and defaults on the attacking side. He explained that the team’s pistol round strategy around planting on the B site was possible thanks to the Agent’s abilities.

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“I think his strong suit is more [attack] than defense. On defense, he feels a lot lacking other than just the wingman defuses,” Cryo told Dexerto.

“We kind of just used the wingman to plant B like really fast, try to catch them off guard and support him with the link smokes and the Sova dart back site, and just trying to secure the plant and get out and play post-plant,” Cryo said.

On release, some people said the new Agent felt overpowered. But, after a month with the Gekko some soften their position on how strong the Agent is. According to Cryo, the Agent fits somewhere in the middle of the Valorant cast in terms of strength.

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“I’d say in the middle. He definitely has like strong areas, but I don’t think he’s like, overall like an OP Agent that’s like meta-changing that you have to run,” he said.

100T and Cryo will have the chance to bring Gekko another win in pro play on April 15 as they take on Cloud9 in Week 3 of VCT Americas. Whether they choose to run it back or try a different strategy remains to be seen.

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