100 Thieves Valorant sign Sean Gares & DDK to lead front office

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100 Thieves have signed former VCT casting duo Dan ‘DDK’ Kapadia and Sean Gares to lead its Valorant team in 2022.

The two are coming off shock retirements to their casting career after being omitted from Riot Games’ upcoming VCT 2022 Masters event in Reykjavik. The news sent shockwaves through the community who were surprised that Riot wasn’t going to feature their prominent casters.

Now, DDK and Sean Gares are back in the scene and will lead 100T’s Valorant team as its General Manager and Head Coach, respectively.

The org is going one step further by bringing on DDK’s Immortal Minds alum Michael ‘Mikes’ Hockom as the Valorant Assistant Coach.

100T Valorant failed to get out of the Group Stage at VCT 2022 Stage 1 Challengers to make it to Masters. DDK and Sean Gares will now be tasked to regroup the squad and figure out a winning formula to qualify for Masters 2 on to VCT Champions at the end of the year.

“As the general manager of the Valorant program, I guess the buck stops at me,” DDK said. “We have a shared vision when it comes to building teams; when it comes to fixing the problems we consistently see and we’re getting a chance to actualize that.”

As a former CSGO pro and industry veteran, Gares will pass down his learnings to 100T’s squad to embolden players with his approach to the game.

“What I’m going to do is really focus on that I’m teaching these players in the right way,” he said. “Players are going to learn in ways they never thought was possible. They’re going to enjoy it. It’s going to be a really fun experience.”

100T has had a rough start to VCT 2022 which CEO Nadeshot even recognized and promised to turn the state of the team around.

“Our motivation to get into Valorant was to build the best team possible and win as many championships as possible,” Nadeshot said. “2022 did not start in the way that we wanted, but I promise you winning has always been our priority.

“We’re here. 100 Thieves is not going anywhere in Valorant and I promise you we will get better. I’ll give you that guarantee.”