100 Thieves & FaZe reveal how they deal with Valorant’s Chamber meta

VALORANT's Chamber posing for the cameraRiot Games

Chamber was once omnipresent in professional Valorant, with a 77% pick rate at VCT Stage 2 Masters, but is now less oppressive in the Last Chance Qualifier tournaments as teams have figured out how to deal with the French Sentinel.

While his pick rate across LQC events hasn’t gone down, still over the 70% mark, the games don’t come down to which Chamber can snag the opening kill against their opponents as much as they used to.

Now, according to 100 Thieves player Brenden ‘stellar’ McGrath, teams know where Chamber players commonly post up for first contact so they try to push the Sentinel off those positions with utility.

“A lot of teams just force him to teleport, that’s all it is.” stellar said in an interview with Dexerto. “You find where he is and you force him to teleport and you kind of know that you have all that space now, because a lot of people hold solo.”

Chamber in ValorantRiot Games
Chamber is now the second-newest Agent after Fade joined the Valorant roster.

Teams have also had to time to experiment with compositions around and without Chamber to figure out if the Sentinel can be slotted in and out of some maps. The Agent may have also lost some of his “wow-factor” for some squads as he has been in the game since November 16, according to NRG Esports player Ethan “Ethan” Arnold.

“Chamber’s obviously still a thing, but people are figuring out ways to play against it, even though it is difficult,” Ethan said in an interview with Dexerto. “So that also plays a role, and people switching off [the agent].”

The answer to Chamber might be the newest Valorant Agent

Valorant’s newest Agent, Fade, has also been an answer to Chamber in a way. The Initiator can dump almost her entire kit, mainly her Prowlers, on an opposing Sentinel if needed. That utility dump can force them to teleport without needing an ally to also use up their abilities.

“I think Fade is really good in the meta right now because it’s a pretty decent countered to the Chamber and Neon meta that we’ve been seeing because… like Chamber posts on an angle, you could just Prowler [him] ,and you have two of them, and they tank like a ton of bullets,” stellar said.

The 100 Thieves player also pointed towards teams using a combination of Breach and other Agent’s utility as alternative ways to push Chamber away from angles.

Chamber may also see a decline in usage as Riot Games hands down nerfs in the game’s recent patches, which has not hit professional play yet.