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V Rising Weapon Tier List: Best weapons ranked

Published: 7/Jun/2022 16:52

by Sourav Banik


Looking for a V Rising weapon tier list that shows off all the best gear to choose from? Here’s all of the game’s weapons ranked from best to worst.

V Rising offers a wide array of weapons for you to choose from to overcome various situations in the game. While most are useful in their own favorable scenarios, there are some weapons that prove to be efficient in almost every situation.

If you’re wondering which weapons to prioritize throughout your gothic journey, we’ve ranked every one of them in our ultimate V Rising weapon tier list.



V Rising Weapon Tier List

In this V Rising weapon tier list, we will sort every weapon in the S-Tier to D-Tier category. The superior weapons are in the S-Tier, while the least efficient weapons are rated D-Tier.

Here’s the list of weapons categorized in different tiers:

Tier Weapon
S Sword, Slasher
A Reaper, Spear
B Mace
C Axe
D Crossbow

S-Tier Weapons in V Rising

As we mentioned earlier, weapons that belong to this tier are the most efficient in the game and can be used for both PvP and PvE scenarios.


The Swords can deal with a three-hit (35/35/40) melee attack followed by two abilities. Ability 1 uses Whirlwind where the sword spins for 11 seconds while dealing 35% damage and slicing enemies all the way.


Ability 2 generates a Shockwave that inflicts 70% damage onto the enemies, launching them into the air. You can use the Shockwave ability again to warp and attack them with three more strikes, each dealing with 25% damage.

an image of Swords and Slashers in V Rising


The Slashers can also deal with a three-hit (27.5/27.5/35) melee attack followed by two abilities. Ability 1 uses an Elusive Strike that darts back and forth at your enemies, dealing 60% damage. With every hit, it stuns them for two seconds.

Ability 2 uses Camouflage where you become invisible while your speed increases by 25% for three seconds. While you’re invisible, the first attack will deal 80% damage to the enemies and disable them for three seconds. If you want to cancel this ability at any point, it can be done by using another ability.


an image of Reaper and Spear in V Rising

A-Tier Weapons in V Rising

The weapons belonging to this Tier have a bit lower efficiency during PvP fights and are not as good as that of the S Tier. The Reapers and Spears are the most effective and useful in PvE.


The Reaper’s main attack is a three-hit melee attack with 50/50/55 damage dealt. Ability 1, Tendon Swing, ripples around the enemies dealing a 125% damage within its radius.

Ability 2, Howling, launches a spinning weapon dealing 20% damage every 0.25 seconds for 2.5 seconds. The first hit slows enemies for 1.5 seconds.


The Spear’s primary ability is a three-hit ranged melee attack with 40/40/50 damage dealt. Ability 1, A Thousand Spears, commences an eight-time stabbing attack that deals 30% damage with each hit. Upon recasting the spell, it pushes enemies back dealing a 50% damage.


Ability 2, Harpoon, pulls enemies with a spear dealing 70% damage in return. This ability can also be used as a finisher.

an image of mace in V Rising
Stunlock Studios
Maces deal heavy damage in the game.

B-Tier Weapons in V Rising

As we move down the tiers, the weapons start to become useful only in occasional scenarios. Despite having a good range, Maces are mostly suitable for tank/support characters to provide additional damage support.


Maces perform three back-to-back swipes inflicting 50/50/60 damage. Crushing Blow is the first ability that deals 110% damage by banging the weapon into the ground and also inflicts a “fading snare” for two seconds.

Smack is the second ability where it deals a 50% damage on hitting an enemy while disabling and pushing them back for 1.2 seconds.


an image of an axe in v rising
Stunlock Studios
Axe are quite useful in PvP.

C-Tier Weapons in V Rising

Although not the worst, the C-tier weapons are not the best either. These are mostly suitable for PvP to inflict a decent amount of melee damage.


This weapon slices the enemy three times with 45/45/55 damage dealt. Frenzy (Ability 1) hits enemies with 100% damage as it dashes towards them. In this state, your movement speed increases by 25%, and your attack speed increases by 30% for 0.8 seconds.

X-Strike (Ability 2) makes a dual axe attack in an X form and inflicts 85% damage per hit while slowing enemies down for 1.5 seconds.

an image of a crossbow in v rising
Stunlock Studios
Crossbows are really good for ranged damage.

D-Tier Weapons in V Rising

Crossbows fall under the last tier of this list as their fire rate and reload speed are on the slower side. It can be suitable for PvE combat but not ideal for PvP. We’d suggest avoiding this weapon as much as possible unless you’re a dedicated ranged player.


With each hit of the Crossbow, damage of 115% gets inflicted. Rain of Bolts (Ability 1) unleashes an arrow bombardment dealing 40% damage and has a cooldown time of eight seconds.

Snapshot (Ability 2)  launches a quick bolt attack that can inflict 75% damage.

So, there you have it – that’s everything you need to about the V Rising Weapon tier list.

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