Marvel Snap players worried monthly Season Pass is “blowing up” meta

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Marvel Snap players are worried that cards tied to the monthly Season passes are too powerful, pointing to how Zabu is defining the meta on day one of the Savage Land season.

Each month a new Marvel Snap season kicks off with a new theme, a new batch of cards, and a reset players ranks.

With January 2023’s Season, named Savage Land, Zabu was the premier card granted to players who purchased the new season pass.

In the early days of the season, Zabu is completely dominating the meta, and players worry that being a free-to-play user might be impossible if they want to climb the ladder.

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Marvel Snap players worried Zabu is too powerful

When Zabu went live on January 2, dedicated Snap players instantly crafted decks around his ability to easily dump tons of 4-cost cards onto the board.

However, with so much power packed into the sabretooth cat, players are growing increasingly worried that all players will be required to buy each monthly season pass in order to keep up with the every changing meta.

Snap player The Id DM said, “First time I’ve questioned my “loyalty” to Marvel Snap. If one new card (that has to be purchased) can seemingly blow up the experience of the game in terms of what’s functional/competitive, I’m not sure I want that experience every 4 weeks.”

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Marvel Snap Decks chimed in and added, “Definitely feel this. I do think the meta needed changing and it’s natural everyone wants to play with the new card day one. We will see where it settles.”

Coming off back-to-back months of incredibly powerful Season Pass cards in Silver Surfer and Zabu, Snap fans are hoping developer Second Dinner becomes more cautious with how powerful the premier cards are down the road.