Iconic duo NICKMERCS and Aydan reuniting for $100k tournament

Shay Robson

The iconic duo Nicholas ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff and Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad are finally reuniting to compete for $100k in a no-build Fortnite tournament.

The controller duo were once the most popular players in Fortnite. Despite being at a disadvantage, they proved to many you don’t need to use a mouse and keyboard to be the best.

Taking home thousands of dollars each in multiple tournaments, it’s fair to say the duo were among the best players at the time.

Now, it looks like they’ll be reuniting, as the controller players look to take home a fair share of a $100k prize pool in the upcoming no-build tournament.

Epic Games
NICKMERCS and Aydan were an iconic duo back in the day.

In a July 21 tweet, Aydan announced he was looking for a teammate for the upcoming $100k no-build Fortnite tournament. “Need one for a Duos $100k No-Build Fortnite tourney. Only requirement is you can’t have qualified for FNCS Finals in last 2 years,” the tweet read.

Out of nowhere, NICKMERCS showed his interest. “Wait a minute, it might be time,” the popular streamer said. “Well, what’re we waiting on,” Aydan responded, along with an old picture of the duo together.

“I can literally smell that picture. DM the deets. I’m 100% down,” NICKMERCS replied.

As it seems, the duo is set to reunite, as they look to take home $100k. It’s been quite a while since the two have teamed up, or even played Fortnite properly for that matter.

However, they do have a bit of time to get some good practice in, so we’re sure they’ll find their footing in the tournament. Hopefully, they’ll put on a performance for long-time fans to feel some good old nostalgia.