GTA Online players praise MK2 nerf after Criminal Enterprises update

Rockstar Games

GTA Online players are loving the latest changes to the MK2 Oppressor after the Criminal Enterprises update nerfed the vehicle and ridding the game of a longtime nuisance.

One of the most devastating weapons to ever grace GTA Online finally got nerfed in Rockstar Games’ Summer Update to the online sandbox. For years, MK2 trolls have ruined GTA lobbies for a bunch of players with their incessant griefing.

This has been a problem that Rockstar has known about for years, and has just now moved to implement meaningful changes that would stabilize Los Santos – and it looks like it’s working.

People logging into GTA Online after the Criminal Enterprises update have noticed the stark changes to how missiles work on the MK2, and they’re quite pleased with the results.

Rockstar Games
Seeing an MK2 Oppresor in the Los Santos skyline is no longer a concern for GTA Online players.

Before-and-after footage that demonstrates the changes were well-received as people can finally look forward to a GTA experience without having to constantly worry about bikes in the sky.

To the dismay of the game’s disruptive players, these changes make it a lot harder to land the bike’s infamous homing missiles. This can be considered a huge win for average GTA Online players that don’t have to worry about constant griefers.

“The fact that the best missiles were on the flying bike that could turn on a dime and crash into anything without injury was so obviously an issue,” one player said. “I’m so glad they’ve nerfed it because I can’t wait to watch 11 year old griefers fail miserably to kill me”

Though the MK2 still retains its rate of fire for missiles, players will have to put in some concentration in order to hit their target.

It’s a small yet substantial patch to an aspect of GTA Online that was a constant headache for players, and hopefully Rockstar will implement more quality of life changes people have been asking for.