xQc blows nearly $200,000 in two minutes during gambling stream


Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel went viral after blowing through nearly $200,000 during a slots gambling stream in a matter of seconds.

xQc returned to broadcasting gambling streams in May 2022, despite having sworn them off in the past.

Since his return, he’s encountered some serious losses while playing slots, even losing $2 million during a single play session.

Now, the former Overwatch pro has gone viral once again for losing an insane amount of money at rapid speed.

xqc-twitch-stats-feb-2022 (1)xQc has over 10 million followers on Twitch.

xQc loses $170k in an instant during gambling stream

The 26-year-old was live on July 7 when he was playing slots, starting with $221,825 in the bank.

As he slammed the ‘Hot Fiesta’ slots over and over again, he watched as his wallet dwindled to just $57,505 in the blink of an eye.

In less than two minutes, X lost a whopping $164,320 from hitting the slots and didn’t win big a single time. This is one of the largest amounts we’ve seen him lose while he was live on Twitch.

Although he’s certainly lost more money during different streams, this clip hits differently, as the speed at which he blew through that kind of money shocked both his viewers and social media users.

The French-Canadian’s gambling habits have gotten his father concerned, which even led to a live phone call with his dad who was worried about his addiction to slots.

His return to streaming slots has drawn him ire from fellow streamers, like Hasan, who has said promoting streaming is harmful to his younger audience of viewers who look up to him.

Although the pair have buried the hatchet over the gambling streams, xQc continues to stream gambling and take gambling sponsorships.