Twitch streamers imOphelia and kazz blasted following Love Or Host appearance

Twitch streamers imOphelia and kazz on TommyInnit Love or Host with Twitter logoTwitch: AustinShow/ Twitter

Twitch streamers ‘imOphelia’ and ‘kazz’ have been panned on Twitter following their appearance on AustinShow’s ‘Love Or Host’ with popular YouTuber TommyInnit.

Streamer AustinShow, previously known as RajjPatel, has put various celebrities and influencers under the spotlight with his ‘The Bachelor’-inspired e-dating show Love or Host.

Featuring stars from across the streaming community, the show has been praised for giving up-and-coming creators a chance to shine and gain a popularity boost.

However, things didn’t work out as well for imOphelia and kazz, who were competing to win TommyInnit’s heart. Rather, their comments during and following the event landed the two in trouble on Twitter.

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Popular Minecraft streamer TommyInnit was the featured guest on Love or Host’s stream.

kazz criticized for Love or Host comments

Following on from their appearance on July 9’s Love or Host, imOphelia and kazz came under fire from viewers who called for “background checks” to be run on contestants before they appear on the show.

During the stream, kazz sparked disagreement among her fellow participants as well as viewers with her controversial comments. In the end, TommyInnit was left begging for her to be “less honest.”

For example, as she was eliminated from the competition, she issued a shout-out to Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson, who has previously been criticized for making ‘transphobic’ and ‘misogynistic’ tweets. He was recently suspended from Twitter.

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imOphelia called out on Twitter

Similarly, imOphelia found herself under heavy scrutiny on Twitter despite having got off to a strong start on the stream. She even thanked AustinShow for letting her take part and was delighted after learning she was trending on the internet.

However, things took a turn after viewers claimed she followed a number of weird “boundary breaking” NSFW accounts on Twitter.

She later took to her Twitch stream to address the controversy, but it did little to quell the drama. As a result, she abruptly ended her stream and has seemingly deleted her Twitter account.

Tommy hasn’t responded to the show’s fallout as of writing, but AustinShow thanked his fellow hosts and the participants for helping to create a “f**king great” show.

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