Twitch streamer takes his viewers paragliding in breathtaking IRL stream

Lawrence Scotti
twitch paraglide
Twitch: jaystreazy

A Twitch streamer went viral after he paraglided through the air while holding onto his phone for dear life.

Twitch streamers are increasingly pulling crazier and crazier stunts in order to go viral on the broadcasting platform.

Recently, a streamer gained notoriety after attempting the same Elden Ring boss 3,000 times, and another streamer set off fireworks in his own house which led to a fire.

Now, another streamer has gained viral fame after broadcasting his point of view as he paraglided through the air, nearly dropping his phone along the way.

Twitch streamers are always finding new ways to go viral.

Twitch streamer broadcasts paragliding adventure

Streamer jaystreazy was live on July 6 when he took flight on a paraglider with a guide while in India.

Jay ran and jumped off the side of a mountain, and as soon as the pair were flying in the air he shouted, “My shoe came off!”

Although Jay lost his shoe thousands of feet in the air, he held onto his phone and continued gliding through the sky at incredible speeds.

Jay continued to be shocked by how high in the sky he was and shouted, “Oh my God! What!?” Breazy turned the camera to show off to his audience the lush landscape of trees that was just below him.

The Twitch streamer has been broadcasting his time in India over the last month, journeying around the country and sharing that adventure with his live viewers. The clip of his paragliding stream got over 15,000 views in a single day since it was posted.

Although he may be down one shoe, Jay certainly had the time of his life on that paraglider.