Twitch streamer surprised by viewer during IRL stream with unban request

Twitch viewer IRL unbanjaystreazy | Twitch

Twitch viewers try all sorts of things to get themselves unbanned. But, for one jaystreazy viewer, he decided to confront the streamer in-person and ask to be unbanned.

For big streamers, a set of dedicated mods are almost necessary to keep chat civil. Sometimes, when viewers get banned, they don’t think that ban is justified.

Most will submit unban requests via Twitch and leave a message in order to appeal the ban. But, one jayrstreazy viewer decided to ask for an unban in-person.

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This viewer, who went by the moniker “Toast” apologized for what he said in chat and made an unban request. Jay seemed taken aback by this viewer’s polite approach.

But, rather than just unbanning him on the spot, Jay left the decision to his chat. And, after a popular vote, chat was 72% in favor of unbanning Toast after his bold choice of showing up on stream and asking for the unban in-person.

According to Toast, he only tried to find Jay so he could get unbanned. He went there with a goal in mind, one that he accomplished in a way few other people on Twitch have. Jay called his initial ban a “terrible mistake”. But their time together didn’t end there.

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This viewer did more than just get unbanned

After he got unbanned, Toast went around the pet shop with Jay to look at some of the animals. But chat couldn’t get enough of this viewer’s impromptu unban request.

Ultimately, Jay’s chat demanded that Toast get a spot as a mod, and, while he didn’t end up getting it, Toast did end up receiving VIP for the rest of the stream.

Toast wound up going on a small adventure with Jay; they went to a few different places before they separated at sunset.

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Toast travelled to a few different places with Jay

Toast even offered to give Jay a ride home, and, although he declined the offer, Jay was grateful for his kindness.

After taking a selfie with Jay and saying their goodbyes, the two went their separate ways. While unorthodox, Toast’s strategy for getting unbanned was extremely effective.

jaystreazy’s had a number of IRL adventures, the most recent of which involved Jay yelling at pedestrians while mistakenly riding his bike in the wrong lane.

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