Twitch streamer claims to be stuck in foreign country for a month after losing passport

yuggie twitch streamerYuggietv (Twitter)

Korean Twitch streamer Yuggie_TV claims to be stuck in the Netherlands for an extra month while waiting on a replacement passport.

Yuggie_TV is a Twitch streamer who primarily broadcasts outdoor IRL content. In July, she packed her bags and set out to explore several European cities including Rome, Venice, and Amsterdam.

And like many other Twitch streamers around that time, Yuggie found herself at Twitch Con EU. Spending two days at the event, she met a portion of her 123K followers before continuing her European adventure.

However, disaster struck when Yuggie lost her passport during her time in the Netherlands. Luckily, she can get a replacement and return home, but it won’t be anytime soon according to the streamer.

Twitch streamer stuck in Netherlands

On August 2, 15 days into her stay in the Netherlands, Yuggie would make a call inquiring about a new passport after having misplaced her original. International travel isn’t allowed without a passport leaving her stranded without one.

Following the phone call, Yuggie delivered the news. She threw her head back in laughter before stating, “I have to stay a month more. Good news: I can get a new passport. Bad news: it takes at least three to four weeks.”

Yuggie laughed off the situation staying pretty calm despite her unplanned extension to her world travels. Yet, viewers shared some advice that might get her out of the foreign country sooner.

A number of Reddit users suggested that she could try to get a temporary passport from an embassy that would take anywhere from a day to a week, instead of three to four weeks. Others found it strange that it would take so long to get a replacement.

Regardless, Yuggie isn’t stuck in a very limiting country. The Twitch streamer can explore the entire Schengen Area without a passport which includes 26 different countries. As long as her viewers continue to support her financially, Yuggie can continue to broadcast the rich culture of several European countries for the next month.