Tarik dominating Twitch with VCT watch parties and sets new viewership record

an image of tarik and VCT Masters CopenhagenRiot Games

Ever since the VCT Masters Copenhagen started, popular Valorant streamer tarik seems to be dominating Twitch with his watch parties.

Every time a major Valorant tournament comes up, several popular content creators across the world are asked by Riot Games to host watch parties. This increases the popularity of the game and brings in more stats from different sources.

Among all popular Valorant streamers, tarik’s Twitch channel has been absolutely dominating as his stats look phenomenal.

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tarik pulling in more viewers than Valorant’s own channel

tarik belongs to one of those popular Valorant streamers who hosts VCT Masters watch parties and he has been killing it lately. Since July 10, 2022, his stream stats have been exceptional and significantly better than the rest of the content creators.

According to stats from SullyGnome, he reached a peak viewership of 114511 on July 12 – his highest viewership ever – while it was 66182 and 100041 on July 11 and July 10, respectively.

an image of tarik's Twitch statsSullyGnome
tarik has seen a significant rise in viewership from July 6 to July 13, 2022.

He also managed to maintain an average of 57417, 37237, and 48037 viewers on these three days, and it may rise even further till the Grand Final, which is on July 24, 2022. Gaining more than 20,000 followers in these three days, more are yet to do the same in the coming days.

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He is expected to continue streaming for longer hours than usual during the entirety of the prestigious tournament. He is already quite famous among the Valorant community and such events will aid his growth beyond limits.

It’s been only three since VCT 2022 Stage 2 Masters Copenhagen started and viewers have witnessed tons of action from the event. The excitement and anticipation will continue to rise further in the week as teams try to secure the trophy, emerging victorious.

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