Ludwig copied xQc’s entire stream for 7 hours straight

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Twitch star turned YouTube Gaming personality Ludwig hatched a master plan to become the biggest streamer in the world by copying xQc’s entire stream, word for word, for six hours.

Ludwig’s shock move to YouTube Gaming from his home platform Twitch came with a lot of apprehensions, but he ensured fans the relaxed number of required streaming hours would allow him to focus on creating bigger and better content.

Since then, he’s continued to stream regularly while producing extravagant game shows, hosting his own version of r/Place, and announcing a Beerio Kart World Cup. His streams have also included some wild shenanigans like streaming until he beat Elden Ring or his 24-hour Mogul Mosaic event.

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In the morning hours of August 15, Ludwig would go live on YouTube with a stream the likes of which you’d only see in a Nathan Fielder show. Ludwig streamed for nearly seven hours while copying every word and action of Twitch’s largest streamer xQc.

Ludwig copies xQc for 7 hours

Ludwig would go live on August 15 in a poorly lit bedroom abandoning his typical setup for one closer to xQc’s. His stream title – a mix of all-caps buzz words and emojis – would also emulate that of x’s.

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At the time, he hadn’t revealed his plan as his viewers continuously asked “what are we doing tonight?” or “What’s the plan for stream today?” But you would have noticed the similarities if you had both streams open.

Word for word, Ludwig would copy xQc’s stream. From explaining why he was streaming at 2 AM to reenacting xQc’s microphone issues, to even watching videos for the first three hours of stream. The pair would then jump into a bit of Counter-Strike surfing followed by a few rounds of Plate Up, with xQc seemingly unaware of Ludwig’s plan.

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It wouldn’t be until the end of the stream when Ludwig would pull up xQc’s iconic end screen, that he would reveal what his viewers had just witnessed. “You guys will see this on YouTube in about a week, but I had a guy in my ear the entire night telling me everything xQc was doing and I copied bar for bar his stream to become the biggest streamer in the world.”

Be on the lookout for a video from Ludwig sometime in the next week as it will peel back the curtain on how the Content Mogul pulled off this ridiculous stunt.

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