Kyedae reveals mental health struggles amid cancer diagnosis: “I’m really scared”

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After her recent diagnosis of cancer, Kyedae opened up on stream about how it’s affected her mental health, her fans giving her as much support and comfort as possible.

Valorant streamer Kyedae is arguably one of the most headstrong streamers out there on Twitch. She’s been seen on her stream easily brushing off hateful comments surrounding her, thanking her time in Valorant for her ability to shrug it off so easily.

Kyedae was recently diagnosed with cancer, the content creator announcing the news via Twitter earlier this month. This saddening reveal was met with support from her fans, community and other Valorant and Twitch streamers. Riot also heard the news and was swift in providing Kyedae with a specialized care package from the Valorant team themselves.

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Kyedae’s headstrong personality has been shown throughout her time being diagnosed with cancer, with her constantly cracking jokes and speaking about her way of handling the situation is to joke about it. She even impressed her fans making jokes about her diagnosis whilst receiving her award at the Streamer awards earlier this year.

Kyedae talks mental health struggles amid cancer diagnosis

Even though Kyedae is one of the mentally strongest streamers, her cancer diagnosis has had an effect on her mental health, which she shared on one of her streams.

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Kyedae opened up about her feelings and experience with her diagnosis, stating “I’m having just a really f***king difficult day. And I obviously only show a little bit of how I’m feeling and what I’m going through, and a lot of people are saying I’m really strong. But I’m not. I’m actually really scared. I’m really f***king scared.”

The streamer’s words touched the hearts of her viewers, who filled the chat with as much support and love as they could muster.

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Despite going through her own cancer diagnosis, Kyedae still wanted to bring attention to an individual’s mental health and how everyone is going through stuff, even if it doesn’t seem like much to the viewer.

“I wanted to tell you guys this because people on the outside can look like they’re doing well on the outside but, they’re not on the inside. And just please know that everyone is going through stuff and this isn’t just a pity party. It’s not what I want.”

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Kyedae is an exceptional figure within the Valorant community and continues her fight against cancer with masses of support, love and care from viewers, fans and the community alike.

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