Jinny’s rage after Cuphead death backfires as Twitch stream goes down

Jinny CupheadInstagram: Jinny, Netflix

Cuphead is a game built to be difficult, and, for some players, this difficulty can be rage-inducing. Twitch streamer Jinnytty raged so hard that she broke her stream.

Cuphead is a game built off of its complex, multi-stage bosses. There’s a certain level of trial and error to learning how to defeat them, making death an eventuality for most players.

Twitch streamer Jinnytty made it to the boss’ final stage, and she had almost beaten it before dying tragically with the boss having a sliver of HP left. She…didn’t take it well.

Jinny was so close, yet so far

It’d be one thing if Jinny died halfway through the boss and moved on. No big deal. The real tragedy here is just how close she was to beating it.

The meter above the retry option shows your progress toward getting through the health bar, and Cuphead practically sitting on the top of the flag means Jinny was indescribably close to overcoming the enemy.

After a moment of contemplation and sadness, Jinny’s rage boiled over, and she took it out on her controller.

She tossed out expletives, cursing out the boss and screaming “Why won’t you die?!” And, after slamming her desk for a few seconds, her entire stream cut out.

Jinny was trying to beat this boss for over 2 hours during her subathon, but to no avail. This failure was the final straw for her, and she stopped trying to beat it after this unfortunate death.

Her stream came back, this time on her phone rather than her PC, and Jinny watched the clip of herself raging back on her PC. Her momentary rage didn’t seem to do any damage to her setup, and she was able to laugh it off with no issue.

We’re wishing Jinny the best of luck on her next attempt at the boss. If she ever decides to fight it again, that is.