Ibai beats xQc to most-watched Twitch streamer title in June

Ibai pointing finger on Twitch streamTwitch: Ibai

Spanish streamer Ibai ‘Ibai’ Llanos broke Twitch viewership records with his Night of the Year 2, pushing him to take the viewership crown and beating Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel for the month of June as the French-Canadian star remains second in the stats. 

Every month, the biggest streamers on Twitch compete for the most views. For seemingly the last few years, French-Canadian star xQc has proved time and again to be a dominating force on the platform by regularly achieving the rank one spot.

But in June 2022, Spanish sensation Ibai beat xQc as the most-watched Twitch streamer with 21.7 million hours watched compared to 20.8 million.

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May’s best performing streamer, Brazilian Alexandre ‘Gaules’ Borba, rounded out the podium with 12.9 million hours watched.

Ibai reaches 10 million twitchYouTube: Ibai
Ibai has claimed the Twitch crown for June thanks to his mega Night of the Year 2 stream.

Ibai’s incredible success for June is largely attributed to a high production, special event that he planned — LA VELADA DEL AÑO II (Night of the Year 2). It broke Twitch viewership records as millions watched and pushed him drastically forward in the rankings.

Night of the Year 2 showcased popular content creators boxing against one another in a live event. Each contestant received professional boxing training and coaching, showcased at the big stage where countless people watch in the stands.

Outside of that though, Ibai is an incredibly popular Spanish streamer who primarily streams the typical big name gaming content. This includes Minecraft, League of Legends, Fall Guys, and, of course, Just Chatting. Among Spanish speaking audience he’s famous, and always up around the top 10 rankings regardless.

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xQc speaking to viewers during Twitch streamTwitch: xQc
Unless another massive event happens, xQc will likely reclaim his spot on top in July.

Whether Ibai can keep it up for July though, remains to be seen. Nothing of the scale of Night of the Year 2 is planned for Ibai in July, and xQc could finally rise up again to the top of the rankings.

Outside of the top three, Spanish streamer ‘auronplay’ overtook Asmongold for fourth, while Japanese variety streamer Chikara ‘SHAKA’ Kawakami experienced the most growth of anyone in the top 10 with a 64.8% increase in viewership.

Games Done Quick also sneaked up in the rankings thanks to their Summer event.

You can find the full Top 10 most watched Twitch streamers list for June 2022 below, courtesy of SullyGnome.

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Most watched Twitch streamers in June 2022

  1. Ibai: 21,676,581
  2. xQc: 20,793,382
  3. Gaules: 12,876,611
  4. auronplay: 9,901,240
  5. Asmongold: 9,719,168
  6. fps_shaka: 9,480,637
  7. Trainwreckstv: 7,641,719
  8. ROSHTEIN: 7,527,952
  9. eliasn97: 7,520,063
  10. GamesDoneQuick: 7,030,477