Controversial streamer CookieLoL returns to Twitch “like nothing happened”

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CookieLoL is a former League of Legends pro player turned Twitch streamer and, after a 90 page document filled with various allegations and claims against him came to light, he’s returned to streaming “like nothing happened”.

CookieLoL was in hot water recently after a massive document was put together that alleged things like him sexually assaulting past partners, flirting with minors, as well as scamming sponsors, mods, and viewers.

The streamer addressed these allegations in a Twitlonger and subsequent apology stream, admitting to many of the allegations against him like sexually assaulting a past partner and flirting with a 17 year old girl, saying that the age of consent in Sweden was 15 and that he “did not think there was anything wrong with sexually flirting with her” at the time.

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Now, after stepping away from streaming for short while and not addressing many of the other allegations against him, he’s returned to streaming like nothing happened at all.

CookieLoL returns to Twitch and doesn’t address controversy

CookieLoL said that he’d be returning to livestreaming at some point in his now-deleted apology stream, saying that he’d return to coaching eventually.

Now, with League of Legends’ most recent patch bringing sweeping changes to the items for ADC, his main role, he’s decided this is the perfect time to return to streaming. The streamer claimed he was aiming to stream “every day” following the newest update.

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Though he didn’t have a huge amount of viewers, people certainly took notice of his return despite him not posting to any social media that he’d be going live.

His stream is on sub-only chat, meaning that, if anyone wanted to try and confront him directly. No one in chat even brought up the controversy until he had been streaming for over an hour. The discussion was mostly oriented around the new items and changes in the most recent patch rather than, as one Twitch chatter put it, “the elephant in the room”.

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“Can we talk about the elephant in the room? Or is it off limits?” one chatter asked. A mod replied by saying, “I mean most subs are glad he is back, we just don’t see a reason to talk about it”.

Cookie himself ignored the chat messages despite replying to other chatters asking about the new patch earlier in the stream. Despite Cookie directly admitting to “raping” a girl and saying he’d “never make that mistake again” in his Twitlonger, no action has been taken against his Twitch or YouTube accounts.

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