AI-generated Twitch stream creates slice-of-life Anime in real time

Twitch: alwaysbreaktime

AI-generated streams are on the rise, with Neuro-sama and AI Seinfeld taking over Twitch, and this time a new trending broadcast is creating slice-of-life anime in real-time. 

It seems that we humans are slowly being overtaken by AI. From writing, to drawing, and even content creation, a number of tasks are starting to be automated with varying degrees of success. With the creation of Neuro-sama and even an AI-generated Seinfeld show, it’s starting to become a reality.

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Now, another new creation is joining the mix in the form of an AI-generated Anime. Created by the minds at alwaysbreaktime, this is Twitch’s very first AI-generated anime, titled, “Disastrously not knowing what to do and what not to do”. The anime follows Vaarinia, Tsuki, and Yakii and their adventures throughout school. 

The show is voiced in English, but set in a Japanese high school. It mostly consists of short scenes of the three main characters in various locations in their school talking to each other.

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The conversation in each scene first starts with a seemingly mundane topic but slowly devolves into absurdity. If they aren’t having conversations, the trio seems to get chased by monsters around their school or sit around in the dark talking drivel.

Each scene is generally cut by a “commercial break” or an “opening/closing” of the characters dancing to a song. Just like what you’d find in most normal anime shows. 

And you as a stream chatter can participate very easily. Viewers vote on where the next scene’s location will be, can interrupt dialogue scenes with school bells, or make the character’s heads bigger.

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The creators, Vaarinia and Tsukiyakii, who named the characters after themselves, described the anime to be “longer than One Piece will ever be.” And they are well on their way to beating the record as they are live 24/7.

In addition, they said there will be “no more waiting for weekly episode drops or the end-of-season binge. New content every second for the rest of your life.”

“The future of anime is here” they claimed in the biography section of the Twitch channel.

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