Zuko movie from Avatar The Last Airbender studio confirmed

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Want some news that’s not rough, buddy? Well, grab your honor, because Zuko is getting a new Avatar: The Last Airbender movie.

Back in the 2000s, Avatar: The Last Airbender was the show to beat. It still is, with spin-off series Legend of Korra running through the 2010s, multiple games, and a live-action movie we don’t talk about.

But it seems like this world hasn’t stopped expanding – as it’s such an imaginative world, we don’t want it to – and now there are even more projects on the way. This includes a new live-action series and a bunch of new animated films – one of which involves Zuko.

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It was reported that a film centred around the popular and angsty character of Fire Prince Zuko was set to be released, and now that information has been confirmed. Not only that, there’s even a release date.

Zuko animated movie confirmed

The original Avatar series spanned 3 seasons from 2005-2008, during which we saw perhaps one of the greatest redemption arcs of all time.

Zuko transformed from the sullen Prince of the Fire Nation, bent on capturing the Avatar, to realizing that his self-worth would not come from his abusive father’s approval, which led to him rejecting said father, and joining the Avatar on his quest to restore world peace.

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Now, it has been that an animated movie about Zuko is officially on Paramount Pictures’ schedule for theatrical release.

According to the source that announced the film, Avatar News, the film is predicted to premiere in cinemas almost exactly one year after another animated Avatar film, which would be October 9, 2026.

This is subject to change, but the date does come from Paramount sources, and a release year of 2026 is currently official information – which gives you plenty of time to go and binge-watch the series in preparation.

The film, which is yet to have a title, currently doesn’t have a lot of information about it. Regarding plot and characters, we obviously know that the story will center around Zuko, perhaps in his adult life, or in the life he had before the events of the series. Perhaps the film will take cues from the popular Dark Horse comic series that is set just after the series’ end, which sees Zuko struggle with his new-found responsibilities as Fire Lord.

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We do know that the three Avatar films aren’t a trilogy, but are all stand-alone stories, meaning that anything could happen in any of them.

We also know that Dante Basco, the original voice actor for Zuko, will be reprising his role for another animated Avatar movie, meaning that it’s very likely he’ll return to voice this film.

Avatar: The Last Airbender is currently available to stream on Netflix.