You Season 4: Who dies this season?

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Netflix’s hit series You is no stranger to spilling blood, but who dies in Season 4? Read on and find out…

Hello, You. After taking the world by storm since its 2018 release, You, the Netflix show that is based on the book series by Caroline Kepnes, has been getting bigger and bigger with every season.

Season 4 Part 1 flipped the script, as not only was Joe not the main killer this season, he also had a stalker of his own. However, Part 2 has proceeded to even flip those aspects on their head.

But with the “Eat the Rich Killer” cutting down the upper elite one by one, you may lose track of everyone that dies this season. So allow us to explain, and obviously major spoiler warning for You Season 4!

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Why are people dying in You Season 4?

In Season 4, Joe is now a professor of Literature, Professor Jonathan Moore to be exact. Working at a prestigious University in London, he finds himself once again being surrounded by “a circle of privileged douchebags.”

But then these characters start dropping like flies. And in a shocking twist, It’s not Joe who’s killing them. At least not at first…

You loves to comment on class, and since the upper elite of London are being fridged, the killer becomes somewhat of an icon, called the “Eat The Rich Killer.” But despite his disdain for rich people, Joe feels a need to stop this murderer, as not only does he feel like he must protect his newest obsession, Kate, from becoming another victim, he also believes that this killer is trying to frame him.

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While we will be spoiling who dies, we won’t state who the Eat the Rich Killer is, but if you want to find out the culprit, click here.

Now, carry on reading to find out who gets the cut, in both Part 1 and Part 2…

Who dies in Part 1?

NOTE: We wrote this list when the respective parts came out, so Part 1 will only cover plot points that were revealed then.

Malcolm – Murdered by the Eat the Rich Killer

netflix you season 4Netflix

Malcolm is the first to die in the season, and his death pretty much sets off all the subsequent events. Malcolm is Joe’s first “friend” in London, and also is the one to introduce Joe to the rest of the characters. However, Malcolm also happens to be an awful person, and he pretty much represents everything that Joe hates about the upper crust. And apparently, someone else hates him too.

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Malcolm gets murdered by the Eat the Rich Killer after he and Joe have a drunken night out, and Joe finds his body on his kitchen counter with a knife in his stomach. Joe manages to dispose of the body, but is shaken, as he doesn’t think he was the one to kill him. And he’s right, because soon other members of Joe’s new friend group start getting killed.

Vic – Murdered by Joe

you season 4 actorNetflix

Despite hating the upper class, the only person that Joe murders this season is a worker for said upper class. Vic is Adam’s personal driver and security guard, who takes his job very seriously and doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. So when he finds Joe snooping around his clients, Vic doesn’t hesitate to treat Joe like a serious threat.

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This culminates in a chapel where one character is mounting the group’s recent losses, and Vic catches Joe lurking as usual. The two engage in a physical fight, which Joe surprisingly wins, after choking Vic out on the ground.

Simon – Murdered by the Eat the Rich Killer

Simon in you season 4Netflix

Simon is an introverted artist who comes from a wealthy tech family, and has potentially scorned other artists along the way. He works with Kate at the gallery, but doesn’t initially take to Joe, stating that he already has enough friends.

After Malcolm’ murder, Simon is Joe’s main suspect. However, the show discusses the tropes of murder mysteries, one of which being that the initial suspect is always the next victim. And sure enough, Simon gets found like Malcolm, with a knife in his torso.

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Gemma – Murdered by the Eat the Rich Killer

gemma you season 4Netflix

Gemma is arguably the most despicable out of all the rich characters in this season, taking full pleasure in abusing the less privileged. So when she gets murdered during the rich group’s getaway to a mansion in order to hide from the Eat the Rich Killer, you probably won’t feel that sorry for her.

Her body is once again found bloody and knifed up, but it’s not Joe who first finds her body, it’s Kate. At first, both suspect each other, but then they work together to hide the corpse. It does unfortunately get discovered, and the remaining members of the group believe Joe to be the killer, only for the actual murderer to show their face.

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Who dies in Part 2?

NOTE: This section will contain more spoilers, including the identity of the real Eat-The-Rich killer.

Rhys Montrose – Murdered by Joe

rhys you season 4Netflix

Rhys, who grew up in poverty, is a big memoir and political writer, which is how Joe first comes across his name. He’s even planning to run for Mayor of London, however that plan is cut short when Joe gets involved with him.

See, while in Part 1 it seems like Rhys is the serial killer that Joe wishes to stop, there’s actually a big twist: Joe was all imagining it. He’s never actually met Rhys, and Rhys has no idea who he is. So when Joe becomes delusional that Rhys is holding Marienne hostage, Joe tracks Rhys down, ties him to a chair, tortures him, and chokes him to death. All the while, poor Rhys has no idea why this is happening to him.

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Adam – Murdered by hitmen

adam netflix youNetflix

Adam becomes a lot more unlikable in Part 2, as it becomes clear just how much he is manipulating Lady Phoebe and using her for her money. He even pushes her to get married, which she agrees to after a traumatic experience, and when she later has a psychotic break, he has full control over her life.

Kate, who is Phoebe’s best friend, complains about this to her dad. Her dad, being a ruthless billionaire, then hires hitmen to pose as S&M workers – as that’s something Adam likes to partake in – who tie him to a bed and proceed to beat him to death. What a way to go.

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Tom Lockwood and his bodyguard – Murdered by Joe

tom Lockwood in Netflix's YouNetflix

Tom Lockwood is Kate’s father, and a very nasty piece of work. He is one of the richest and most powerful men in the world, and he’s not afraid to harm innocent people – he even led to hundreds of children getting cancer. Not only that, he is incredibly controlling over Kate’s life, and won’t let her live freely, pushing Joe to take action.

Joe sneaks into Tom’s workshop, disables his guard by stabbing him, and is able to tie Tom to a chair. Tom berates Joe, saying that he is just as controlling over Kate as he is, and even offers to pay Joe to let him go. Joe doesn’t relent however, and wraps a plastic bag over Tom’s head, suffocating him.

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Edward – Murdered by Joe

edward in Netflix YouNetflix

Edward is a student in Joe’s class, who has an academic rivalry with his favorite student, Nadia. The two students end up growing closer however, and they begin to sniff out clues for who the Eat-The-Rich killer might be. However, this ends very badly for Edward.

When Nadia figures out that Joe is doing the killings, Joe catches her outside of his apartment. He doesn’t want to hurt her, but he doesn’t mind hurting Edward, as Nadia finds him with his throat slit. Joe then frames Nadia for the murder, in order to keep any of his secrets getting out.

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You Season 4 is currently available to watch on Netflix.