You Season 4: What happens to Marienne?

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You Season 3 had Joe chasing Marienne to Paris, but what happens to her in Season 4 of the hit Netflix show?

After taking the world by storm since its 2018 release, You, the Netflix show that is based on the book series by Caroline Kepnes, has been getting bigger and bigger with every season.

Season 3 had a fiery finale – literally – and it left on somewhat of a cliffhanger, making fans all the more excited for Season 4. But what’s in store for Joe (Penn Badgley) and the object of his affection Marienne (Tati Gabrielle) this time?

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Well, let us explain what happens between the pair, but first, spoiler warning for You Season 4.

Where did Marienne go after You Season 3?

Marienne ended up fleeing to Paris with her daughter after her ex-husband was murdered and she realized that Joe did it.

Marienne and Joe ended up becoming an item during You Season 3, despite outside factors. Namely, the former’s violent ex-husband and the fact that the latter was still married to the equally murderous Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti).

Marienne and Joe planned to run away to Paris together, however, Love lured Marienne to their house, intending to murder her. She also told Marienne that Joe had killed her ex-husband. However, Love couldn’t bring herself to murder the other woman, since her daughter was there with her. So, she simply told Marienne to go to Paris and never look back.

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However, Joe could bring himself to kill Love, after which he faked his own death, and ran away to Paris himself, in the hopes of finding Marienne.

Now going by the name Nick, Joe walks out of a café in Paris, looking for his love, and that’s where Season 3 ends.

What happens to Marienne in You Season 4 Part 1?

Surprisingly, Marienne survives You Season 4, despite her time with Joe being very turbulent.

In Season 4 Part 1, we see flashbacks of when Joe was in Paris, looking for her. He stalks art classes and installations, hoping to find her, since art was what she was passionate about.

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He eventually spots a piece she made, and soon figures out that Marienne traveled to London to visit an art fair. Of course, Joe goes after her, and actually manages to locate her at said fair in London.

When Marienne spots him, she immediately starts running away, and he chases her. She then (foolishly) dives into an abandoned building, and attempts to trick him into running past her on the stairs, but he inevitably catches her, and disarms her when she pulls a knife on him.

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Joe tries to explain himself, stating that he would never hurt her, but Marienne understandably doesn’t believe him. “You’re a murderer, Joe,” she says in contempt, and the words clearly hurt the man.

His actions may be from guilt or spite, but he actually lets her go. He backs off, and allows her to run away. He is heartbroken, taking this moment as an official breakup, but he is determined to prove that he is not a killer.

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Marienne shows up one more time, as Joe almost goes back on his promise. An investigator hired by the Quinn family discovers Joe – however, he’s willing to help Joe get by with a new identity in London. There’s just one catch: he has get rid of Marienne, since she is a witness. So, Joe follows Marienne to a train station, where she is boarding the Eurostar.

Thankfully, he is unable to kill her. He simply steals a locket from around her neck, a locket that contains pictures of her daughter, and sends the photos to the investigator as proof that he’s “taken care of her.”

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This is the last time we see Marienne in Season 4 Part 1. It’s quite an anti-climactic end to a significant couple on the show, but…turns out it isn’t the end.

What happens to Marienne in You Season 4 Part 2?

Marienne gets kidnapped by Joe, but is later saved by Nadia.

Turns out, Joe did not let Marienne go. Before she could get on her train, Joe drugged her coffee, and she woke up in his apartment. He then proceeded to keep her captive in order to “work on their relationship.” He even brings back the glass cage, and later has a personality break – which we explain more here – that causes him to forget where he’s keeping Marienne.

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Ultimately, she is left trapped with limited food and seemingly no hope for rescue. But since her daughter is still in Paris, Marienne is determined to escape. And when Joe’s student Nadia finds her, they both hatch a plan to get her free – which oddly doesn’t involve calling the police.

After altering Marienne’s phone, Nadia poses as Marienne’s friend who is looking after her daughter. She pretends that Marienne is losing custody of her daughter, which Joe tells Marienne. Marienne then pretends to have a breakdown from the news, and swallows a bunch of pills that Joe left for her, since she used to be an addict.

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However, she takes much less pills than she pretends to. She doesn’t die, but simply slows her heart enough for Joe to assume that she is dead. And in an attempt to get rid of her body, Joe leaves Marienne on a park bench. Marienne then naturally leaves once again for Paris.

At the end of the Season, Marienne is one of the few characters that gets a somewhat happy ending, as she is back in Paris with her daughter, no longer afraid of Joe finding her, as he assumes that she’s dead.

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You Season 4 is currently available to stream on Netflix.