Yellowjackets Season 2: Who are the other Yellowjackets girls?

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Yellowjackets has a lot of characters, so some team members may have been left to the wayside. So who are these girls?

Yellowjackets, the hit supernatural thriller show, tells the story of a “wildly talented high school girls’ soccer players that descend into savage clans after their plane crashes in the remote northern wilderness. Twenty-five years later, they discover that what began in the wild is far from over. They brought the darkness back with them.”

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Now, as you can gleam from the show’s plot, there’s a lot of characters in Yellowjackets. We already have a major character and cast list for Season 2, however that was for the characters that significantly affected the plot. Even new notable characters for Season 2, including Crystal and Lisa, are listed there.

So this list is primarily for the Yellowjackets who have had pretty limited screentime so far, and deserve a bit more time in the limelight. You know, the ones that you may forget are actually on the team, but could very well end up on a plate in the future. So let’s get into it, but first, a warning: Slight Yellowjackets Spoilers ahead!

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Mari – Alexa Barajas

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Mari is likely the side character you know the best, as many fans have theorised that she is the “Pit Girl” from the first episode of the show. Whether or not that’s true, she’s still somewhat antagonistic to the other girls, namely Misty and Crystal, who she can be rather mean to. But, Mari’s still going through it, as she’s starting to hear things that no one else can, which could be a by-product of how she’s one of the first girls to buy into Lottie’s way of thinking.

Mari is played by Alexa Barajas, who also appears on The Flash.

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Akilah – Nia Sondaya

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Akilah also gets a bit more screentime this season, adding to the group dynamic overall. Not only is she momentarily tasked with helping deliver Shauna’s baby – as it’s revealed she has a baby nephew waiting at home – but she also gains another little friend in Season 2, in the form of a mouse, who she hides from the other girls.

Akilah is played by Nia Sondaya, who can also be spotted in Truth Be Told and Bel-Air.

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Gen – Mya Lowe

gen yellowjacketsParamount+

Not much is known about Gen in Yellowjackets – in fact she didn’t get a name until Season 2. However, we can hope that she – and her cute pink jacket and headbands – get some more focus in Season 3. Much like with the other girls, the Wilderness is clearly getting to her since she was willing to let Natalie be killed and eaten in Season 2’s climax.

Mya Lowe, who plays Mya, certainly has the acting chops for a meatier role, as she has also appeared in Riverdale, A Million Little things, and Charmed.

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Melissa – Jenna Burgess

melissa yellowjacketsParamount+

Like her best friend Gen, Melissa only got a name in Season 2, which hopefully points to her getting some more focus in Season 3, the way Mari and Akilah did in Season 2. So far, she’s only really recognisable by her pink baseball cap – which matches Gen’s pink jacket. But, who knows what’s going to happen to that cap – and to her – once the Yellowjackets put on their cannibalistic furs in the future.

Jenna Burgess plays Melissa, who can also be seen in The Night Agent and Lies Between Friends.

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