XO Kitty cast: All actors & characters in the Netflix series

A still from XO Kitty on NetflixNetflix

Here’s a full guide to the cast and characters in XO Kitty, the To All the Boys I Loved Before spinoff thats streaming on Netflix now.

After the popularity of the To All the Boys I Loved Before movies, it seems like the Netflix franchise is far from over. The youngest Covey sister, Kitty, is now set to star in her own series, XO Kitty, much to the excitement of those who love romantic comedies and K-Dramas.

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The show is proving popular itself thus far, spending some time as the number one watched show on Netflix, and now comfortably resting somewhere in the high Top 10s.

Fans of the original three films will no doubt be flocking to this series, but it seems like there will be a lot of new faces, so here’s the major cast of characters you need to know.


XO Kitty cast and characters

Below you’ll find a list of all the major characters you need to know in the cast of XO, Kitty

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According to Netflix, XO, Kitty “revolves around the teen matchmaker who moves halfway across the world to reunite with her long-distance boyfriend and soon realizes that relationships are a lot more complicated when it’s your own heart on the line.”

The plot has Kitty joining a new school, so obviously she has a ton of new classmates and friends, which we’ll get into.

Kitty: Anna Cathcart

xo, Kitty stillNetflix

Kitty is the enigmatic youngest Covey sister, who was the one to originally release all of the letters that Lara Jean wrote in the first film. She’s somewhat of a mischievous matchmaker, but her skills will be put to the limit when it’s her own love life. This series also gives her emotional moments surrounding her late mother, as she is travelling to South Korea to connect with her.

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Kitty is played by Anna Cathcart, who can also be seen in Odd Squad and Disney’s Descendants 3.

Dae: Choi Min-young

dae and kitty in XO KittyNetflix

In To All the Boys: Always and Forever, the Covey family takes a trip to South Korea to celebrate their heritage, as well as reminisce about the life of their late mother. On a Love Lock Bridge near Seoul Tower, he and Kitty meet, and sparks instantly fly, to the point that Kitty is now moving to Korea to see him. The Seoul native is one of the top students at KISS and incredibly happy to see Kitty, but relationships, both online and off, prove to be somewhat difficult.

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Dae is played by Choi Min-young, who has recently performed in Twenty-Five Twenty-One and Dream Palace.

Daniel Covey & Trina: John Corbett & Sarayu Blue

to all the boys 3 stillNetflix

The father of the Covey household, Daniel, AKA Dr Covey plays a guiding and goofy role in the franchise, as he happily lets Kitty go off to college, before questioning whether or not that’s the right descision.

Trina joined the cast in the second TATB movie, as the Covey’s neighbor and later Dr Covey’s girlfriend. She’s a very warm and caring figure, and seems to be rather the opposite of the evil stepmother trope.

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Obviously, John Corbett, who plays Dr Covey, isn’t short on work. He’s most known for My Big Fat Greek Wedding, for playing Aiden in Sex and the City, and is about the join the cast of And Just Like That for Season 2. As for Trina, she is played by Sarayu Blue, who also appears in comedies such as Blockers and I Feel Bad.

Yuri Han: Gia Kim

yuri in xo kittyNetflix

Yuri is the Queen Bee of KISS, since not only is she a social media star, she is also the daughter of a successful CEO and the principal of her school. Due to constantly being papped she has a knack of putting on perfect airs, even when her life isn’t going so perfectly.

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Yuri is Gia Kim’s first major film role, as the actor has previously been involved with many stage productions around the world, as revealed by her Instagram page.

Min Ho: Sang Heon Lee

min ho xo kittyNetflix

Min Ho is the type of person you really have to get to know in order to like them. He seems overly privileged, cold, and even mean at first, but over time its easy to see how much he cares about his friends, which is why he is initially wary of Kitty.

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Min Ho is played by Sang Heon Lee, and XO Kitty is actually his first major role, though he will be appearing in Gran Turismo later this summer.

Quincy “Q” Shabazian: Anthony Keyvan

Q on XO, KittyNetflix

Q is a fellow international student at KISS, and also one of the only openly gay students at the school. He is a close friend of Dae, and quickly becomes close with Kitty too.

Anthony Keyvan plays Q, and can also be seen in iCarly, Grey’s Anatomy, Love Victor, NCIS, and Fresh Off the Boat.

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Jina Lim: Yunjin Kim

princapal of KISS in XO, KittyNetflix

Jina Lim is the principal and administrator of KISS, as well as fellow new character Yuri’s mom. She has her own issues that she tries to hide out of professionalism, and also has a history with Kitty, since Jina used to attend KISS alongside her later mother.

Yunjin Kim is known for appearing in Lost and Mistresses, and Netflix’s Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area.

Alex Finnerty: Peter Thurnwald

alex in XO, KittyNetflix

Alex is a chemistry teacher at KISS, and a very friendly one at that. Like Kitty he has also moved countries to join the school, as he is originally from Melbourne, Australia. In fact, he and Kitty bond over struggling to adjust to their new lives.

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Peter Thurnwald plays Alex, and also appears in Kong: Skull Island and Thor: Ragnarok.

Professor Lee: Michael K. Lee

Prof Lee in XO, KittyNetflix

Professor Lee is another teacher at KISS, though he is much more tough and disciplined than his colleagues. Kitty in particular struggles to meet his High Standards, showing how expectations for students can differ in different countries.

Michael K. Lee is known for his roles in theatre productions, such as Miss Saigon, Pacific Overtures, Rent, and Jesus Christ Superstar.

XO Kitty is available to stream on Netflix now. Check out our other TV and movie guides below:

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