Willow ending explained: How Season 1 of the Disney Plus series sets up Season 2

Two-headed dragon The Eborsisk in Willow.Disney/Lucasfilm

Willow – a belated TV sequel to the 1988 fantasy movie of the same name – closed out its first season Disney+ today. Here’s the ending explained, and how it might feed into a second season.

The eighth and final episode of Willow dropped on Disney+ today. The show – which saw Warwick Davis again play the titular farmer-turned-sorcerer – found his character teaming up with a fellowship of teens to embark on a dangerous mission to rescue a prince from the forces of evil.

There were ups and downs along the way, as well as some drama, a spot of romance, and lots of action. And it all culminated in Immemorial City, where our heroes did battle with the villainous Crone.

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You can read our review of Episode 8 here. While here we explain how that fight played out, as well as what the climax means for the future of Willow. So be warned, there are SPOILERS AHEAD

Willow ending explained: Defeating The Crone

While the Wyrm appears to be the overarching villain in this iteration of Willow, Season 1 was content with the Crone being sole antagonist. The character appeared mid-way through proceedings as a beautiful woman wooing Prince Arik. And succeeding.

Episode 8 finds the Crone trying to convince Kit and Elora Danan to also join her side, but they resist those efforts, precipitating a fight between both forces.

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The Crone kills Graydon – seemingly – but she’s no match for Elora Danan, who takes her out with a magical blast. Before she dies however, the now monstrous Crone kisses Arik, and tells him “This was always the plan… you are the harbinger, and now you’re ready to rule.”

Kit must then battle her brother, but although getting the upper hand, she can’t kill him. Kit then breaks the spell by begging Arik to return, and promising to never leave his side.

Willow ending explained: Angering the Wyrm

The battle over, our heroes regroup, and briefly mourn the loss of Graydon. Elora then reveals she saw the Wyrm, while Willow states that it’s angry, and will be coming for them all.

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When asked why he isn’t more worried about that eventuality, Willow says that there will be more people like their brave team, and that those numbers are like a snowball gathering size and speed as it rolls down a hill.

So while Season 1 ended with a minor skirmish, it feels like Willow is setting up all-out war should Season 2 get green-lit.

Willow ending explained: The return of Graydon, and the Eborsisk’s debut

While it looked like Graydon might have died – and the characters think that Graydon has actually died – the episode ends with a scene in which he’s seemingly alive.

The character wakes up on a battlefield, surrounded by dead soldiers. He sees Elora Danan – with shorter hair – standing atop a hill, and asks her “What is this?”

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Elora responds: “The end. The beginning. The dawn of the next age of this world – my age. But I can’t do this alone. I need someone to help me. To sit beside me at the head of all tables. And to lead the world into my light. And Graydon, I want you.”

Is this happening now? Or some vision of the future? Is this an evil Elora? And is Graydon seeing this from beyond the grave? It’s left ambiguous, but as the camera pulls back, Danan is standing in front of a huge army of the undead, who are standing atop the dead, which doesn’t bode well.

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Best of all, a two-headed dragon breathes fire in the background. One that looks very much like The Eborsisk from the original movie, so expect that fan-favorite to play a major role should the story of Willow continue.

Mid-credit sting hints at Willow’s future

There isn’t a proper post-credit sting at the end of Episode 8, but there is a brief mid-credit sting that hints at the show’s future.

The credits play over illustrations of the characters, which are then revealed to be in a book. That book is closed, and placed by hand onto a shelf. Which is when we see it is Volume 1 of this story, now nestled next to Volume 2, and Volume 3. Suggesting this is the first instalment in a Willow trilogy.

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There’s been no official announcement yet regarding the future of the series, but this sting suggests that those making the show have planned for three seasons.

You can read our review of the Willow finale here, while the rest of the season is covered below…