Willow Disney+ cancelation sparks #cancelyourgays trend online as fans revolt

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It has just been reported that the Disney+ series Willow is not being renewed for a second season, with fans of the show taking to Twitter and other social media platforms to express their disappointment at the news, the #cancelyourgays trending online in light of this cancelation.

The past year has been a tricky time for TV shows that feature an LGBTQ+ protagonist, even more so for those that also include a WLW romance center stage. Just earlier, Dexerto reported that Willow will not be getting renewed for a second season despite a strong critical response and solid viewership numbers.

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As a result, fans of the show have taken to Twitter, expressing their frustration at yet another WLW show being canceled prematurely. A new online outgrow for the Willow cancelation causing the #cancelyourgays hashtag to go viral online. Sapphic Society, a fan-mad media outlet focused solely on LGBTQ+ media, tweeted out, “enough is enough. Our stories deserve to be told.”

Another user called Doctor Longshot wrote how, “I’m convinced that if they had announced a renewal, new audiences would’ve watched the first series. Audiences don’t commit to new shows for this very reason. Who wants to fall in love with a show that’s going to be abandoned?”

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Fans frustrated by Willow cancelation and another WLW show ending prematurely

Other responses and audience members have been even more vocal about their frustration, another Twitter user writing, “this a setup! We are in a cycle. They canceled all the shows, we don’t watch because they will cancel, they canceled the show claiming bad views EVEN WHEN IT’S NOT ALWAYS TRUE! Not every show will be STRANGER THINGS!”

Just yesterday, another sapphic-led series, A League of Their Own, was reportedly canceled by Amazon and will only be given a 4 episode second season. Prior to this, other WLW shows such as Warrior Nun, The Wilds, and many more were also axed by major streaming services.

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With more and more queer female-driven shows being cut short, fans are beginning to lose faith in streaming services, many not even bothering to begin a show that they know has a WLW romance unless it has already been renewed for multiple seasons. 

“I’m so tired,” another user said online. I’ll be ready to fight again in a few hours but right now I’m just tired. We really can’t have anything, can we?”

The Willow TV series served as a continuation and spiritual successor to the popular 1988 film of the same name. While it does feature a new cast and fresh faces, the show did bring back actor Warwick Davis to reprise his role as Willow Ufgood.

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Yet another sapphic series has been canceled by major streaming services

In December of 2022, Netflix came under fire for canceling their series Warrior Nun despite the second season of the show meeting the alleged viewership numbers to garner a renewal. When reporting on the issue, we reported on why Netflix was being called lesbophobic for canceling Warrior Nun.

With fans of Willow already stating they’re ready to fight for the series, time will tell if they are able to reach the kind of online response that Warrior Nun did and just how far the #cancelyourgays trend goes.

For all the latest TV and movie news and updates, be sure to check out Dexerto’s full coverage here.

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