Will Ferrell, John Travolta and the Breaking Bad boys star in the best Super Bowl ads

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The Super Bowl is known for its great star-studded commercials, so here’s some of the best from this year’s crop.

This year’s Super Bowl had a ton of great ads this year, specifically movie trailers. From Transformers to Marvel, we were treated to a bunch of star-studded commericals.

However, these trailers weren’t the only thing the sports event advertised. There were also plenty of ads for regular products, but these ads still managed to be fun and memorable.

With stars like John Travolta and Will Ferrell, here are three of the best Super Bowl ads from this year.

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The best Super Bowl ads of 2023

While many may point to the film trailers as the best advertisements during the Super Bowl, that doesn’t mean that the regular commercials are anything to scoff at. Though due to the stars these commercials showcase, we’d hardly call them regular.

Without further ado, let’s get into the three best…

Breaking Bad is back

Breaking Bad and its spinoffs may be over, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want more content from this world. Cue Popcorners, the savory snack that is apparently as good as the drugs that Walter White makes.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reprise their roles in hilarious fashion, taking the commercial super seriously, and the fact that this ad is directed by Vince Gilligan makes it so much better and funnier.

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Scrubs gets Grease-y

Worlds collide in this commercial, as John Travolta and the stars of the hit show Scrubs, Zach Braff and Donald Faison, join together to advertise T-Mobile. But of course, they do it in song, with the trio singing an abridged version of “Summer Nights” from Grease.

The trailer is fun enough, though we can only wish that the late great Olivia Newton-John could have been involved.

Will Ferrell harkens back to SNL

As seen from his days on SNL, comedic actor Will Ferrell loves to parody things. Hence this General Motors ad, which has Ferrell spoofing multiple different Netflix shows, including Bridgeton and Squid Game.

We see multiple scenarios in the shows play out – even Erica from Stranger Things appears – and its all to advertise EVs. Well, to quote Ferrell, if you are going to get kidnapped ala Squid Games style, “Why not get kidnapped in an EV?”

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