Will Dr Gordon return in Saw X? Cary Alwes responds

Cary Elwes as Dr Lawrence Gordon in Saw 3DLionsgate

Will Dr Lawrence Gordon return in Saw X? The 10th chapter of the stomach-churning horror franchise is on the way, but will its original victim appear?

The Saw franchise began rather humbly in 2004, originally conceived in a short film that inspired so much hope that it immediately birthed Twisted Pictures, a horror production label.

The first entry, a psychological thriller starring Cary Elwes as Dr Gordon and Leigh Whannell (also the movie’s writer) as Adam, was simple: two men wake up with their legs shackled to pipes, with only a rusty saw capable of freeing them.

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Of course, as any fan of the series knows, the canon became almost incomprehensible as more and more gory sequels were pumped out – so, with Saw X in the works, can we expect to see Dr Gordon?

Spoilers for the Saw movies to follow…

Will Dr Gordon return in Saw 10?

Cary Elwes hasn’t confirmed any return as Dr Gordon in Saw X, although he did address the possibility in a new interview.

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Speaking to Screen Rant ahead of the release of Sweetwater, he was asked if he’s ever considered exploring the character’s story further in the franchise.

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“I have no comment one way or the other about that franchise, I really can’t speak to it. I’m happy for the filmmakers that they continue to make money, and that it seems to be a financial bonus for them, I really can’t speak to it, because I’m not really involved anymore,” he said.

Dr Gordon escaped at the end of the first Saw, and he wasn’t seen again until the so-called Final Chapter when he’s revealed as one of the pig-masked figures who captures Hoffman. He lived, but he became one of Jigsaw’s many apprentices, although the twist wasn’t particularly well-received.

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Details about Saw X are slim, but we know Tobin Bell is returning as Jigsaw alongside Shawnee Smith as Amanda. Rumors have also indicated it’s set between Saw and Saw II.

Saw 10 will be released on October 27, 2023. Read more about the movie here. Also, if you want to attempt to watch the whole franchise in chronological order, you find out how here.

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