Why Top Gun Maverick rejected new Danger Zone recording

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Kenny Loggins’ 1980s classic ‘Danger Zone’ appears in Top Gun: Maverick, but while the singer recorded a new version of the song for the movie, the filmmakers decided to go with the original.

Giorgio Moroder wrote ‘Danger Zone’ with lyricist Tom Whitlock for the original Top Gun.

Toto were originally supposed to sing the song but pulled out. And in a new interview with Variety, Loggins claims that REO Speedwagon singer Kevin Cronin was signed up, but couldn’t hit the high notes.

Whatever the order of events, Loggins got the gig, helped finish the song, and the resulting single went to Number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. Though if you’re wondering why he sings “dainger” rather than “danger,” Loggins has since stated that he was trying to sound like Tina Turner.

Why was the new version of Danger Zone dropped from Top Gun Maverick?

Loggins says he met with Top Gun: Maverick director Joseph Kosinski for the new film, and was asked if he’d re-record the song for the new movie.

Speaking to Variety, Loggins explains: “I tried to do a re-recording where it was sounded, if not exactly like the original, as close as possible, but with better audio and sounds. Because that was 36 years ago and the audio had only gone so far. But he wanted the original vibe that song had.

“It was recorded at Musicland Studios so it was well-recorded, but it would have had a lot more punch if I could have done it in 5.0. But that said, he wanted to keep it reminiscent of the first Top Gun, and set that mood right from the beginning.”

And so the version of ‘Danger Zone’ you hear in Top Gun: Maverick is the same cut that played in the original movie.

Kenny Loggins also re-recorded another Top Gun classic

In that same interview, Loggins also reveals that he updated Top Gun classic ‘Playing with the Boys’ for the new movie.

Speaking to Variety, he said “I did a duet with Butterfly Boucher – who’s an Australian punk rocker – but it didn’t fit the movie. It’s out there streaming…somewhere.”

Top Gun: Maverick is in cinemas now.

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