Why Kamala Khan didn’t meet Captain Marvel in Ms. Marvel


Before Ms. Marvel aired – and during its run – speculation was rife that Kamala Khan would meet her hero Carol Danvers during the six episodes. That didn’t happen, and showrunner Bisha K. Ali has gone on record to explain why. Just beware of Ms. Marvel SPOILERS AHEAD…

Captain Marvel appears in Ms. Marvel, via posters and drawings of the character all over Kamala Khan’s bedroom, and fans wanted to know if the two would meet over the course of the series.

Now Season 1 of Ms. Marvel has come to a close, we know that didn’t happen, even though Brie Larson’s character did appear in a post-credits scene.

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That brief sequence involved Kamala swapping places with Carol, so they don’t share the screen. Though there were early discussions about doing just that at the start of the writing process.

What did Bisha K. Ali say about Ms. Marvel meeting her hero?

Speaking to Variety, Bisha K. Ali revealed: “At the very, very, very beginning, way back when, that was part of the conversation. The more I kind of dug deeper into what I wanted to say with the show and what I wanted to her to go through, it really had to be about her and her community, her family and her friends. So Carol’s meeting up with her after this journey that she’d been through in the season.

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“She’s Kamala in her own right. She’s looking in the mirror at the end – she’s not seeing an imitation of Captain Marvel the way that she’s seeing in Episode 1. She’s seeing Kamala wearing a suit that her mother made for her, with the masks that Bruno made for her, with the sash from Red Dagger – then, moments later, she gets her name from her own father. That moment is about her becoming her in her own right.”

Ali believes it would have ruined their dynamic if the Marvels had shared the screen in the show. The showrunner explains: “I think it would have really taken it off in a different direction if she’d met [Carol] any sooner than she will meet her, which is in the movie that’s coming out next year. She’s still gonna be so excited and just so happy to meet, when they finally do get to meet. But in this journey, in this character arc, it felt really important, actually, that they didn’t meet.”

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When will Ms. Marvel share the screen with Captain Marvel?

The movie that Ali refers to is The Marvels, which finally unites Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel in a big-screen adventure. Kamala’s parents and brother also appear in the film, as do Monica Rambeau and Nick Fury.

Little is known about the plot at the moment, though it appears to be set in the present day, while Zawe Ashton is playing an as-yet-undisclosed villain.

Nia da Costa directs from a script by Megan McDonnell, with The Marvels set to hit screens July 28, 2023.

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