Where was The Last of Us filmed? All filming locations

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The Last of Us has finally finished its nine-episode run, culminating in a heartbreaking finale and an intense cliffhanger – here’s a breakdown of its filming locations.

While the acting has been the focus of many reviews of the show, particularly that of Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, The Last of Us has also received widespread acclaim for its cinematography and presentation.

Despite being set in post-apocalyptic America, none of the series was actually filmed there, with every single episode actually being shot in a different country entirely. So, here’s all the major filming locations for The Last of Us.

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Where was The Last of Us filmed?

The Last of Us was shot in Canada, and was reportedly the largest filming production to ever take place in the country. No filming happened anywhere else, even for the scene set in Jakarta in the second episode, and the majority of shooting happened in one province: Alberta.

The majority of episode one was shot in the city of Calgary, Alberta, in the west of Canada. This is the city that Joel and his daughter lived in before the infection began.

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Though it may not look like it, Calgary was also the place where the third episode was filmed. Bill and Frank’s rural compound is actually Fish Creek, an area outside the main city.

The Boston mall where Ellie was bitten in episode seven was the Northland Village Mall, which can also be found in Calgary.

One of the most rural areas the film crew had to create was the utopian town of Jackson, Wyoming. This location was actually shot in Canmore, which is also in the Alberta province.

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The nearby Waterton Lakes National Park, which is close to the Rocky Mountains, was used to film Joel and Ellie’s trek through rural Colorado.

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