When is Wonder Woman 1984 coming out? Release date, cast, plot, more

Wonder Woman 1984 posterDC/Warner Bros.

It’s been revealed that Wonder Woman 1984 will be released in theaters and available to stream simultaneously. Here’s everything we know so far about the sequel.

Wonder Woman broke multiple records when it released in 2017. It was the first female-led superhero movie in over a decade, beating the Marvel Cinematic Universe who released Captain Marvel two years later in 2019.

Now, three years on, Wonder Woman is set to return to the big screen again, also following her appearance in DC’s Justice League movie.

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DC/Warner Bros
Diana in her golden armor

When will Wonder Women 1984 be released?

Originally intended to be released in the middle of 2020, Wonder Woman is one of many movies that has already seen multiple delays due to the ongoing global health crisis. As it stands, the sequel’s current expected release date in the US is December 25, 2020.

It has been confirmed that the movie will also be available to stream on HBO Max from December 25 in the US, too. This announcement has come after recent reports suggested that the movie could be released on HBO Max as soon as two weeks after its theatrical release.

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That being said, Wonder Woman 1984 will only be available on the streaming service for a month, but it will be at no extra cost for subscribers.

“As we navigate these unprecedented times, we’ve had to be innovative in keeping our businesses moving forward while continuing to super-serve our fans,” said Ann Sarnoff – CEO of WarnerMedia Studios and Networks Group – in a press release.

Star of the movie Gal Gadot shared a statement celebrating the news, saying: “We feel the movie has never been so relevant and we hope that it will bring some joy, hope, and love to your hearts.”

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Patty Jenkins also tweeted a statement with a similar sentiment, ending on a simple note: “Happy holidays to all of you. We hope you enjoy our film as much as we enjoyed making it.”

Internationally, the movie will debut over a week earlier, in theaters from December 16.

Who will be starring in the movie?

Gal Gadot will of course be returning as the Amazonian princess, and she’ll once again be joined by Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, Robin Wright as Antiope, and Connie Nielson as Hippolyta.

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New additions to the sequel include Kristen Wiig as Cheetah, Pedro Pascal as Max Lord, and Lyon Beckwith as Buzz.

Patty Jenkins has also returned to direct, as well as having co-written it, following the success of Wonder Woman back in 2017.

Is there a trailer?

Two trailers have been released in the lead up to the movie’s release, despite the schedule being changed.

The first trailer introduced Barbara – soon to become villain Cheetah – and her history with Diana, promising strong fight scenes as well as a bit of light comedy with its ending.

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Following on from this, the main trailer, which was released in August 2020, gave fans a first look at Wiig as Cheetah along with a glimpse of her going head-to-head with Wonder Woman.

With the movie due to be out by the end of 2020, it’s unlikely that there will be any more footage released, but the two that Warner Bros shared have already got fans excited for what’s to come.

Wonder Woman versus CheetahDC/Warner Bros
Wonder Woman will face off against Cheetah

What is expected to happen?

Wonder Woman 1984 will technically not be a sequel to the first, acting more as a standalone movie.

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To begin with, audiences will follow Diana taking part in the Amazonian Olympics as a child, before we jump from 1918, which is where the original movie ended, to 1984.

She will be facing off against Cheetah, which Gadot spoke about during a previous interview: “It’s a villain that you love. You understand where she’s coming from. [Wiig] plays her in such an interesting, charming way.”

From the trailers, it’s clear to see that the pair were once friends, with businessman Max Lord’s attempt at selling the American dream to people being what turns Barbara into Cheetah.

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Another focus will be on Diana’s relationship with Steve, both of them having changed a lot since the first movie. Gadot explained where they are in 1984: “Now their relationship is much more mature, and there’s been so many longings. And it’s true that you know what you had only after you lose it.”

It may have been victim to ongoing delays over the last few years, but anticipation for Wonder Woman 1984 is once again rising among fans as the date draws closer.

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The movie will be in theaters and on HBO Max in the US from December 25, 2020.

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