When is Umbrella Academy season 3 coming out? Production date confirmed

The Umbrella Academy season 2Netflix

It has been announced that The Umbrella Academy will be returning for season three, with production planned for February 2021.

Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy – based on the Dark Horse Comics series – has grown to be one of its most popular shows, following a family of superheroes as they try and find out what happened to their father.

The last season saw a lot of time travel, with the group scattered across different years in the 60s as a result of season one’s finale. Once again, they were tasked with preventing another apocalypse before returning back to the present day.

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The Umbrella Academy season 2 posterNetflix
The Umbrella Academy season 3 will pick up from the season 2 twist

When is Umbrella Academy season 3 coming out?

After the massive cliffhanger in season two of the show, there’s no surprise that fans are excited to find out what’s to come in The Umbrella Academy season three, especially with things being very different upon the family’s return.

As it’s still quite early on in the process, it’s too soon to say when the season will be available to stream.

That being said, production is set to begin in February 2021 in Toronto, with news of season three being announced by both Netflix and the official Umbrella Academy Twitter account.

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Not only this, but Netflix also decided to treat fans to a behind the scenes photo as well as new profile icons from the show to celebrate.

Having been the third most-watched Netflix show in 2019, there will definitely be a lot to live up to for the group in season three.

The main cast will be returning to their roles, including Tom Hopper as Luther Hargreeves, Ellen Page as Vanya, and Robert Sheehan as Klaus.

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With a lot of questions left unanswered, and the return of two characters thought to be dead, the next season will inevitably have fans eagerly anticipating what’s in store.

Until then, the first two seasons of The Umbrella Academy are available to stream now on Netflix.