What is The Nurse about? Netflix series explained

A still from new Netflix drama the Nurse.Netflix

The Nurse is a new Netflix series about a deeply disturbing subject. Here’s everything you need to know about the plot, including if it’s based on a true story.

Made by the producers of The Chestnut Man, The Nurse is a Danish drama that’s also a thriller which serves as a cautionary tale.

The story plays out in four instalments, all of which dropped on Netflix this week. Though be warned – it’s a tough watch.

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Here’s everything you need to know about the plot, including details of if it’s based on a book and/or a true story.

What is The Nurse about?

Here’s the official synopsis for The Nurse: “In a hospital in southern Denmark where everyone knows each other and there’s little change in personnel, Pernille Kurzmann settles into her new nursing job. She befriends a charming and charismatic nurse named Christina Aistrup Hansen, who’s held in high esteem by her colleagues and incredible at her job. But as the days go by, Pernille realizes there might be more to Christina than meets the eye — and sets out to uncover the truth.”

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Josephine Park plays Christina Aistrup Hansen in the series, Fanny Louise Bernth is Pernille Kurzmann, while Kasper Barfoed directs.

“So many people suspected something or saw something,” says Barfoed of the story. “Yet it’s the new nurse, the one who’s in her first job who not only senses something is wrong, but who actually does something about it and risks everything.

“[Making the series] became a lot about trying to be loyal to Pernille and the situation she was in. We wanted the audience to be able to feel how difficult this is. It’s not just pushing a button and then you’re a whistleblower.”

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Is The Nurse based on a true story?

Yes, The Nurse is based on a true story. Christina Aistrup Hansen committed the crimes depicted in the series, and Pernille Kurzmann is the nurse who helped bring her to justice. You can find out more about how the drama played out in real life here.

The case was a huge deal in Denmark, and inspired journalist Kristian Corfixen to write a book about the deaths and ensuing investigation, also called The Nurse.

The new series is based on that true-crime novel, with director Barfoed telling Netflix: “The starting point was the book by Corfixen. Nobody knows more about the case than he did.”

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All four episode of The Nurse are now streaming. While for more coverage of Netflix shows and movies head here.

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