What is Outlast about? New Netflix reality series explained

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Outlast, a new “raw survival competition” reality series, is about to hit Netflix – here’s everything you need to know.

When you hear Netflix, you think of Stranger Things, Wednesday, Squid Game, and others in its titanic roster. However, the streaming platform has made itself a go-to hub for reality TV.

Just look at Physical 100, the Korean show that pit contestants against each other in gruelling, near-superhuman feats of strength and endurance. There’s also Below Deck and its endless stream of drama.

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If the former aligns more with your taste, you’re in for a treat with Outlast, where “the toughest lone wolves have to learn how to survive as a pack.”

What is Outlast?

Outlast is a new reality series on Netflix. It follows 16 contestants who must work together in teams to survive the longest in the Alaskan wilderness.

Check out the trailer below:

As per Tudum, “all 16 players are dropped by parachute in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness during the fall — in other words, right when the threat of rain, freezing temperatures and bears becomes more real as winter draws closer.

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“After they arrive, the players learn that they won’t be competing on their own; instead, they’ll need to split up into four different teams, and each team has to set up camp in a different location.

Executive producer Grant Kahler, who also worked on Alone and Castaways, said the show is “about people’s self-preservation versus their loyalty to other.”

How much is the Outlast prize money?

There is up to $1 million in prize money on offer for the winning Outlast players.

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“In order to win the million-dollar prize, no one individual can work alone; each has to put their faith in complete strangers to survive the unforgiving Alaskan wilderness as a team,” Netflix explains.

“Players can change teams at any time, leading to unexpected alliances, selfish maneuvers, and decisions that could make or break each team’s ability to survive. There’s no voting out of players in Outlast, either – the only way out is to give up.”

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Outlast release date

Outlast will hit Netflix on March 10, 2023.

The first season will have eight 45-minute episodes, all of which will drop on the streaming platform at the same time.

That’s everything we know about Outlast right now. Check back here for coverage when the show arrives on Netflix.

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