Warner Bros has big plans to revamp Harry Potter & Lord of the Rings: “We’re only just starting”

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Warner Bros. seem focused on developing its major IPs, with the company revealing new plans to continue expanding its Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings franchises, in particular.

The Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter franchises are some of the biggest and most successful IPs of all time, both spawning multiple movies, games, and everything in between. As a result, it appears that Warner Bros. is looking to shift its focus back on these worlds, with the company revealing big plans for both moving forward.

As reported by Variety, during a panel at Morgan Stanley’s investor conference, Warner Bros. Discovery CFO Gunnar Wiedenfels discussed plans to continue building their big franchises. 

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“Take ‘Harry Potter’ as an example, the Wizarding World, the fact that we are enjoying this massive success with the ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ launch, 12 years after the last film came out, shows that there is so much opportunity and we’re only just starting to expand that,” Wiedenfels said. 

“We’ve got the new ‘Harry Potter’ tour coming up in Tokyo in the middle of the year. Long story short, I think this one-company approach, great leadership in the individual business units, but coordinated franchise management is probably one of the biggest opportunities the company has.”

Warner Bros. looking to expand both Harry Potter & Lord of the Rings

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The Lord of the Rings is set to come back in a big way, as is Harry Potter.

In regards to Warner Bros. plans to continue developing the Lord of the Rings films, Wiedenfels appears hopeful about the future of the franchise

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“David made a promise, very early on to revitalize some of that iconic, tentpole IP and we’re starting to make progress,” the CFO said. “It’s exciting to see how people are coming in and out and how the creative community is embracing this opportunity to work with us. That’s going to bear fruit, over time.”

Previously, Dexerto’s reported that new Lord of the Rings movies have been confirmed to be in development as well as talks for a Hogwarts Legacy 2 game.

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