Walking Dead star teases “many stories to tell” with Negan spin-off

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Negan in The Walking Dead
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That long-rumored Negan spin-off series? It could still happen, according to The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Negan has quickly become one of the biggest love-to-hate characters on TV. Since joining The Walking Dead in season 6 with his trusty bat Lucille in hand, he’s killed off several major characters, spent a period of time locked up in jail, and recently undergone a redemption arc of sorts.

So it’s no surprise that fans have been anticipating a spin-off for the iconic villain. With multiple series including Fear The Walking Dead and World Beyond already existing, as well as the upcoming Daryl and Carol show, it seems like a very real possibility.

Negan in The Walking Dead
Jeffrey Dean Morgan says “no doors are closed” to a Negan spin-off series

It’s also something that Negan star Jeffrey Dean Morgan would definitely be down for in the future. After a fan asked him on Twitter whether a Negan spin-off could happen, he confirmed that “no doors are closed” and that there’s more to come from the character.

“We shall see,” he wrote. “I’d like to think no doors are closed. A great character with many stories to tell. But again, much still to do here on [The Walking Dead]! Many episodes still to shoot. Right now I’m just excited about that!”

What could happen in a Negan spin-off series?

In the past, many fans speculated that if a Negan spin-off series were to happen, it would likely be a prequel story based on the comic book Here’s Negan. That comic revealed more about the character’s past and followed him on his journey to becoming the leader of the Saviours.

But with the recent news that an upcoming episode of The Walking Dead Season 10 will give us Negan’s backstory, it now seems more likely that a future spin-off show would focus on a different comic book one-shot, Negan Lives, or perhaps a new story entirely.

Back in August, during the TWD Universe Family Hangout, Morgan expressed interest in filming something based on Negan Lives when asked about his feelings towards a potential spin-off series.

Negan in The Walking Dead
A spin-off series could be based on the one-shot comic Negan Lives

“I think Negan has become so well-rounded and this sort of redemption arc he’s been on has been very interesting to play,” he said. “And I think The Negan Lives comic book kind of carries that on. It’s a great little story, it’s just a little slice of a day in the life of.

“It’s great, and I always wanted to film that and the prequel… There’s so much we don’t know about him. Keep writing him Kirkman, and maybe we’ll get to them eventually.”

With the Walking Dead confirmed to come to an end after 11 seasons, and World Beyond only lasting for two seasons, fans are anticipating the future of the franchise.

Fortunately, there’s a trilogy of movies about Rick Grimes in the works, and you can find out everything we know about those right here.

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