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Vue Cinemas denies banning new horror film DASHCAM

Published: 1/Jun/2022 16:32

by Chris Tilly


Vue Cinemas has denied banning forthcoming horror film DASHCAM, following backlash from the movie’s makers on Twitter.

Earlier today, the director of DASHCAM Rob Savage responded to Vue Cinemas’ apparent decision to ban his movie by stating: “If that doesn’t make you want to watch this film, what will?”

But Vue is now claiming that their decision to pull the movie wasn’t driven by fear of causing offense. In a statement released to The Independent, Vue said: “Our decision not to screen DASHCAM was informed purely by the commercial conditions not being viable.

“We are currently investigating the cause of the incorrect information about our rationale for not screening this film, and we are sorry for any confusion that this has caused.”


What is DASHCAM?

Rob Savage is responsible for horror sensation Host, which was shot in a week on a shoestring budget in 2020. The film revolved around six friends summoning a demon during an online seance, and caused something of a sensation when it was released online.

Savage’s follow-up is DASHCAM, which is also shot found footage-style, and concerns a livestreaming musician who picks up a sickly passenger in a stolen car, with horrific consequences.

DASHCAM played at the London Film Festival in 2021, and hits UK screens this Friday – but it won’t now be playing in Vue Cinemas.

Why was Vue accused of “banning” DASHCAM?

Savage posted a screen-grab of a customer response on Vue Help, underneath his tweet, which reads: “Apparently @vuecinemas has banned our screenings of DASHCAM because the movie is too offensive.”


In the original message – which Vue now claims was incorrect – an employee writes: “We won’t be showing Dashcam at any of our venues due to the contents of the movie, which may offend our audiences.”

The message continues: “We at Vue believe in diversity and any movie which may offend audiences, we may decide to no longer show at the last second without notice.”

Savage then added to that thread with a post linking to the US theaters showing the film this week, followed by a Tweet featuring UK cinemas doing the same.

How has the writer of DASHCAM responded?

Gemma Hurley – who co-wrote DASHCAM with Savage and Jed Shepherd – also posted about the ban before Vue released its statement.


In response to Savage’s tweet, Hurley wrote: “Disappointed this is @vuecinemas take on DASHCAM. To me it stinks of fear based decision making, rather than authentic concern over a silly horror movie.

“But fair enough, that’s their prerogative. Never thought I’d write a banned R rated horror in my life.

Where is DASHCAM screening in the UK?

DASHCAM hits (some) screens on Friday, and you can watch the film at the Prince Charles Cinema off Leicester Square, the Genesis Cinema on Mile End Road, and the Showcase Cinema at Bluewater.

For details of where to find more screenings as and when they’re added, head to the Official DASHCAM Website.