Umbrella Academy's Ritu Arya opens up on Lila's huge Season 2 twist
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Umbrella Academy’s Ritu Arya opens up on Lila’s huge Season 2 twist

Published: 19/Aug/2020 12:22 Updated: 3/Sep/2020 14:15

by David Purcell


Twists and turns are a big part of The Umbrella Academy Season 2 rollercoaster, and nobody knows that better than breakout star Ritu Arya – who experienced some big ones this time, playing Lila. 

Lila Pitts is one of the newest characters in Netflix’s uber-popular TV series, playing the part of The Handler’s daughter. Working closely with The Commission to get closer to Five throughout the latest set of episodes, she falls into her fair share of magical traps and set many of her own, too.


One of the biggest parts of that Five mission, though, is her romance with his brother Diego. At first, it was all a plan, but things soon developed from there in Dallas, Texas.

During an interview with UPROXX, Arya shared her thoughts on the Diego relationship, and about the way the season ended.


Lila actress Ritu Arya opens up on The Umbrella Academy Season 3

Diego and Lila in UA
Lila and Diego grew closer in Season 2, but at first it was all planned.

The first thing we get to know about Lila is that she’s banged up in a hospital with Diego, both being accused of suffering with mental health problems. Soon enough, though, we find out that she’s not like the other patients on the ward. In fact, she had her eyes set on Diego.

That seemed like a romantic thing at first, until we’re introduced to her mother. The Handler soon lays waste to the Commission’s entire board of directors and takes top spot in the company, tasking her daughter with bringing her Five.

“At first, it’s just all part of a mission. She’s having to lie to him and gain his trust,” she said, speaking about Lila’s dynamic with Diego. “In doing so, she starts falling for him, and I think she’s in denial about that until quite some time until she’s finally open about it.


“By then, it’s tricky because her mum is on this power trip, and she’s losing trust with that, and Diego leaves the commission after she thinks that they’re now going to be together again. So, it’s a bit of a roller coaster, to be honest.”

The Handler
The Handler seriously stepped up her game in Umbrella Academy’s newest season.

The Handler is one of the most interesting characters in the series, no doubt. Mysterious. Ruthless. You name it.

One cutscene even showed that she’d set Five the task of killing Lila’s parents when she was a baby, but that’s not what Lila was led to believe. This mystery runs right through the season. But right when Lila’s copycat powers are revealed, a target goes on her head and is betrayed by the Handler.


So, did she see that coming? After all, the character did seem to be a step ahead of everyone else.

Arya said: “No, she doesn’t expect it. She knows that her mum’s very different from other mums, and she knows that she’s been raised with tough love. I think she has always wanted to break through that, but not quite known how. But I don’t think she’s been too aware of her mum’s higher ambitions. That’s not what’s on her mind so much. It’s only when she starts seeing it towards the end of the series that it becomes a worry.


“I think she’s p**sed off at her mum when she says she chose Five to take down the commission board because she wants to be known as the best at what she does. There’s a love and hate thing, because there’s always respect for someone that is really good at what they do, and it’s also fun because no one can really match her. He’s a tricky one.”

With Season 2 behind her now, many fans will be wondering what’s next for the character. After all, we know now that she’s not just some other person, she’s got powers!

After being asked where she was jetting off to next with the briefcase, she simply said: “That’s a secret. She could be anywhere. She could be in any time, any place, it’s all very exciting.”

We’ll have to wait and see.

World of Warcraft

Henry Cavill as Arthas in Warcraft 2 makes perfect sense: here’s why

Published: 7/Oct/2020 4:11 Updated: 7/Oct/2020 5:03

by Isaac McIntyre


Okay World of Warcraft fans, it’s time to go all-in… Henry Cavill would make a perfect Arthas in Blizzard’s newly rumored Warcraft 2 revival, especially after proving he’s got the fantasy chops as Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s The Witcher.

The original Warcraft movie came out back in 2016, and landed with mixed reviews. World of Warcraft fans loved it, of course; seeing characters like Anduin, Medivh, Gul’dan, and Durotan brought to life on the big screen was a dream come true.


Critics and general audiences were less convinced. Duncan Jones’ high-fantasy romp in the world of Azeroth was dubbed a failure. A sequel was stamped ‘highly unlikely’ after the box office flop. 

Except, just four years later, the Warcraft rumor mill has thundered back to life. Legendary Entertainment has already green-lit a sequel, according to insider Daniel Ritchman, with Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson involved.

Warcraft raked in just $47.4 million in the United States, but made $391.7m overseas.
Legendary Entertainment
Warcraft raked in just $47.4 million in the States, but made $391.7m overseas.

And so, with Warcraft 2 reportedly in development, that leaves us with the biggest question for the sequel; what will the story be? Will the franchise take it step by step, and tell the story of “Tides of Darkness,” or head for a better-selling sequel?

In our opinion, Blizzard’s best bet for the sequel is to skip straight to “Reign of Chaos” and it’s genre-defining expansion “The Frozen Throne.” The third game’s storyline has plenty of ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’ elements.

Enter fantasy’s man of the hour, Henry Cavill.


Arthas Menethil is key to Warcraft 3, and Cavill is a perfect pick to play him. The prince’s path to the throne is littered with huge battles, dastardly schemes, and of course, the biggest twist Blizzard’s Warcraft franchise has ever offered up.

Reason number one: I mean, look at Henry Cavill. That speaks for itself.

Henry Cavill in a fan-mockup depicting him as Arthas Menethil.
Reddit: GeordieGamerGuy
Henry Cavill in a fan-mockup depicting him as Warcraft’s Arthas Menethil.

There are other reasons too though. One is that Cavill is a big World of Warcraft fan himself, meaning he’d likely be eager to sign on. I mean come on, the guy missed the news he had been cast as Superman because he was deep in a WoW raid.


Former Blizzard figurehead Chris Metzen and Rise of the Lich King writer Christie Golden have both given Cavill’s fan-casting their tick of approval too; the Warcraft duo are well and truly “on the [Cavill as] Arthas train.”

Finally, Warcraft 2 will need ticket-selling star power. The first 2016 flick did have plenty of big names ⁠— Vikings lead Travis Fimmell was among them, as was Marvel’s Dominic Cooper ⁠— but none command the same household stardom as Henry Cavill.


Cavill, 37, is a little old for Arthas in “Reign of Chaos” and “The Frozen Throne,” but if Legendary and Blizzard plan out a trilogy leading into “Wrath of the Lich King” ⁠— which they absolutely should ⁠— the British star will fit perfectly for Menethil’s final Warcraft hurrah.

Heck, cast a younger actor for the opening stage of the prince’s life, then bring Cavill in with a narrative time-jump in the third or fourth Warcraft movie.

Arthas Menethil and his path to the throne should be front and center in future Warcraft sequels.
Blizzard Entertainment
Arthas Menethil and his path to the throne should be front and center in future Warcraft sequels.

The Superman star isn’t the only name being linked to Warcraft 2 either. Fimmel is expected to return as Anduin in the sequel, as is Ben Schnetzer as Khadgar. Paula Patton has also said she’d “love” to return for another Warcraft outing.

The same insider reports that suggested Warcraft 2 is now in the works also tipped Jurassic World lead Chris Pratt as another star who has already been tabled a multi-movie deal.

Duncan Jones, who directed the 2016 release, also said he would happily return as long as there are “less cooks in the kitchen.” Blizzard has yet to officially respond to the reported new sequel, so take everything with a pinch of salt… for now.