Totally Spies Season 7: Everything we know so far

totally spies season 7 posterCartoon Network

Totally Spies, the hit cartoon of the early 2000s, is now back with its seventh season. Here’s everything we know so far.

Totally Spies, the hit animated show that ruled from 2001, devastated fans with its end in 2014. The show, which depicted three high school girls who were also spies, were a staple of the early 2000s aesthetic and demand for female spy media.

Totally Spies managed to last six seasons and a prequel movie, and gained enough popularity to even have a promotional event at the Palace of Versailles. To this day fans still gush about the show, especially with the Y2K revival trend, and now it seems like the show is catering to that nostalgia.

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The show is now back after almost 10 years, with Season 7 having just been announced. So here’s everything we know about the new season so far.

Totally Spies Season 7 release: Is there a release date?

As of writing, there is no official release date, however the series is expected to premiere in 2024.

The new season, which will be known as “Woohp World,” had been in development as of 2022, but its official announcement came just this week, along with a new visual.

The upcoming season, which had been picked up by Warner Bros. Discovery from Banijay Kids & Family, will follow the classic schedule of the previous ones, in that it will have 26 episodes that will be 22 minutes long. It will also debut on Cartoon Network in the United States, before heading to Max in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

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In a press release, Aurelie Wack, Warner Bros. Acquisitions & Co-productions Manager, stated that: “We are thrilled to be bringing the much-awaited iconic spy trio Sam, Clover, and Alex to Max and Cartoon Network in EMEA. We cannot wait to welcome Totally Spies!’ passionate fanbase to our platforms and introduce the girls to a brand new audience.

“With strong female leads and a diverse offering of modern themes, the France-produced hit Totally Spies! broadens our appeal and demonstrates our commitment to European content.”

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Totally Spies Season 7 cast: Who is starring in the next season?

The cast for Totally Spies Season 7 has not yet been announced, but fans are hoping that the show’s original voice actors will return.

This original cast includes:

  • Andrea Baker as Clover
  • Jennifer Hale as Sam
  • Katie Leigh and Katie Griffin as Alex
  • Adrian Truss and Jess Harnell as Jerry
  • Janice Kawaye and Charlie Schlatter as additional voices

No doubt there will be new baddies for the spies to fight, meaning more additions to the cast in the future.

Totally Spies Season 7 trailer: Is there a trailer?

As of writing, there is no trailer yet for the new season.

However, there has been a promotional image which has been circulating the internet, which shows the iconic trio in their new designs:

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totally spies posterCartoon Network

Totally Spies Season 7 plot: What will the new season be about?

Season 7 is expected to continue the original story of Sam, Alex, and Clover as they fight crime and survive their education, under the direction of the World Organization of Human Protection. Basically, think of a younger Charlie’s Angels.

The show’s description on IMDb reads: “A trio of boy-crazy, fashionista teen girls from Beverly Hills balance their personal and school lives with their work as super-spies.”

What makes this season stand apart, according to the show’s press release, is that it will follow the spies as they move to a new city to face “a fresh crop of villains.” It’s currently unclear if the girls will be in collage or head back to high school.

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As Banijay Kids & Family CEO Benoît Di Sabatino stated in said press release: “The new series stays true to all the key elements that make the show so popular, but has been lovingly updated for a new audience, reflecting the modern challenges faced by both high-schoolers and spies alike!”

We will update this article as we learn more.

That’s everything we know about Totally Spies Season 7! In the meantime, you can check out our other TV and movie hubs below:

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