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Tom Holland fans and Marvel flood Twitter with happy birthday wishes

Published: 1/Jun/2022 12:51

by Lucy-Jo Finnighan


Popular Spider-Man actor Tom Holland is receiving thousands of birthday wishes from fans on Twitter. 

Marvel’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, Tom Holland, turns 26 today, and the internet has wasted no time in wishing him a happy birthday.

On Twitter, a Tom Holland birthday thread has begun trending, with fan accounts, regular accounts, and official verified accounts all pitching in to send their regards.

Tom Holland hanging off exploding plane in uncharted post
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The 26-year-old actor has also found success in the vifavoritedeo game movie Uncharted

Tom Holland receives thousands of birthday tweets

While the amount of tweets that have been sent Holland’s way is almost impossible to count, a few notable tweets are gaining traction.

Both fan accounts and regular fans have taken to their keyboards to tweet out birthday wishes, often including endearingly embarrassing photos of the actor.


Several tweets feature the many roles that the young star has played, such as his performances in Cherry, The Current War, The Devil All the Time, and Uncharted, showing what great range he’s already had across a short, immensely successful career.

Even fan accounts for other actors, such as Zendaya, have tweeted in Tom’s favor – although, this is of course due to the pair having been dating since 2017.

Tom Holland fans share edits, art, and other tributes

As Twitter is a place to share creative projects, Holland’s birthday tweets often feature fan videos, fan art, and hilariously creative threads.

Marvel wishes Tom Holland happy birthday

After working with Marvel for over five years, Holland has become a staple of its cinematic universe. Because of this, Marvel accounts and fandom accounts alike have joined in on the celebrations.


Even our friendly neighborhood Twitter account, Culture Crave, has tweeted about the actor’s birthday:

Holland has always seemed to appreciate the efforts of his fans. So hopefully he has seen all of these tweets, and is having a very happy 26th birthday!